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Faymonville MEGAMAX semi-trailer, low bed semi-trailer with 1 to 5 axles, removable gooseneck, with free-swing dolly. Low bed semi-trailer for heavy duty and special transports. The MegaMAX can be tailored individually to the transport requirements. The equipment options for the trailer consist in:. The GiGAMAX can be tailored individually to the transport requirements. The equipment options for the semi-trailer include:. Faymonville VARIOMAX semi-trailer, low bed semi-trailer with 3 to 9 axles, with pendle axle bogie between the gooseneck and the low bed. The low loading height and high payload of the VarioMAX semi-trailer are the economic and flexible solution for numerous different tasks in heavy duty or special transport.

low bed trailer transporter 2Mega Lowbed trailer with 1 to 5 axles, Removable Gooseneck, different lowbed variants, with or without 1 to 3-axle free-swing dolly. The Mega Lowbed is special designed for heavy duty and special transports. The Mega Lowbed allows for a high technical payload depending on his equipment. Mechanical Trailers include low bed, semi low bed & High bed trailers of varying carrying capacity having Lengths from 20 to 100ft 81units Besides the above vehicles, we have a attached fleet of 200 mechanical trailers & 500 other vehicles with heavy duty all purpose cranes Image Gallery Network Branches Home Showcase Our network Contact Us Print This Page Copyright 2011 MFC transport pvt. CHINA HEAVY LIFT Lowbed Trailer is widely used for carrying 40-150 Tons loads. Pool Type Platform, Flat platform, front loading types can be produced in different dimensions according to your demand and we have a flexibility on the technical specifications.

We have a wide range of trailers categorized as high-bed, semi-bed and low-bed trailers of capacity up to 100 tons. We specialize in providing low-bed trailer service and ODC consignments.Our services in transport industry dates back to 1952. Services: Low Beds. We have low bed trailers with multi-axle configurations. We have beam trailers, stretch trailers, double drop trailers, deck extensions, and dollies for specialized loads. These trailers are used for hauling heavy construction equipment, cranes, mining equipment, and much more. Details for Car, Motorcycle, Vehicle and Low Bed Transporters.

Mega Lowbed Trailer

low bed trailer transporter 3Lowbed trailer for sale from China, to transport heavy construction machines both crawler and rubber tire type. Our Services: We are one of the leading Transport Operators and having our own fleets like various types of High, Semi & Low Bed Trailers, Open and Closed trucks in the sub continent with vast experience in executes target oriented works. We are proud of our 8 plus years as a semi trailers manufacturer servicing the All over the world transport industry. Al-Jazeera has an immense range of Low Bed Trailers for immediate delivery at a variety of sizes. Find here Low Bed Trailer manufacturers, Low Bed Trailer suppliers, Low Bed Trailer producers, Low Bed Trailer exporters, Low Bed Trailer production centers, Low Bed Trailer companies for your sourcing needs.

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