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Pages Table of Contents Hyperlinks. Discussion in ‘Mac Apps and Mac App Store’ started by micol124, Jun 7, 2010. Most Liked Posts. Nice touch, clickable pages numbers in the Table of Contents in Pages. If you are creating an iWork Pages document containing either a table of contents or with endnotes, these objects will be clickable in PDF-exported versions of the document.

mac pages table of contents links 2While for the most part the program is used for its basic viewing features, some of the ways it handles PDF documents can be quite useful. One of these is the ability to easily add links to PDF pages, which can be used to create clickable indexes and tables of contents. Be sure to check us out on Twitter and the CNET Mac forums. Bookmarks are cool if you have a lengthy document and want to have a clickable table of contents, much like the online versions of the manuals for many pieces of Mac software. Work smarter and quicker with Apple iWork’s Pages. ‘Make page numbers links’ box below, you can click on a page number in the TOC to go straight to that heading.

And how come even the links on the page numbers in the TOC get disabled when I PDF my files irrespective of the way I do it?. Requires use of Apple Pages (part of the iWork package). When you automatically create a table of contents in Word, hyperlinks are also created that link the headings in the table of contents to the headings in your document. The table of contents went from several pages long to only a few lines, but it still won’t link.

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How to make a clickable table of contents in Microsoft Word. John, my document is a bit different – it is a business plan that will likely be close to 100 pages when it is said and done. On today’s episode lets create a table of contents in iWork pages. So say you’re creating a long document, or manual, or book, in pages, and you want to create a table of contents. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to make an index in pages. Download, install or update PDFOutliner (Mac) – Embed a table of contents in PDF files – from MacUpdate. I have a Mac Word 2010 file that has to be saved as a PDF. The Word file has a clickable table of contents (i.e., click on the page number and it take. By default – I believe that a TOC in Word is clickable hyperlinked field and will navigate to that place in the document. Thank you, i would like to connect from the table of contents – page one & two of a document to any of what will be perhaps specific places in the 150 pages in the full document. For example, if I have a table of contents on page, say, 2 of a document, I want to be able to click on a word or phrase in that table of contents.

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Having a table of contents (TOC) with hyperlinks is one requirement of the procedures to submit a thesis or dissertation. Mac users will not find these options in current versions of Adobe Acrobat. You will need the latter to convert Word TOC hyperlinks to PDF hyperlinks. Pro for Mac you cannot create a PDF with Distiller from Pages or Word that preserves hyperlinks (to an external website)? Is the only work around adding the URL s in the PDF and then re-saving the PDF file? – Rick s Reply – I don t know about Pages (don t have it), but I could not find a way to create a PDF from Word Mac 2011 that includes hyperlinks. However, it is possible to do manually with Apple Pages. After you do this the first time, a small link popup window will appear. How to make clickable links and cross-references in pdfs produced by LaTeX? I need links for the Table of Contents, so that I can navigate fast to different sections. I need links for the Table of Contents, so that I can navigate fast to different sections.

How do I turn a table of contents into a plain formatted text without field codes? I’m using Word 2011 on a Mac. If you want to keep the formatting as it looks in your original document, you can take a screen shot of the pages and save it as an image, then print that. Ten tips to help you make the most of Pages for OS X, some of which can be applied to the iOS and iCloud apps too. The automatic creation of Tables of Contents rely on correctly applied paragraph styles. Having a clickable table of contents that links to each chapter is a great way to simplify the reading process for your readers. Rather than having to scroll through hundreds of pages to get to a different page, they can quickly click through the table of contents! So here is how to do it. The icons for Keynote 5.3, Pages 4.3, and Numbers 2.3 (iWork ’09).