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Fortunately I had a couple of my own from stuff that must have been thrown out or died. For your two adapters make sure you get the ones that have OUTPUT of 12VDC and 1. I have a chicken coop with a sliding vertical door. I have looked at commercial coop door openers, but they all retail at around 100 (200). 3) A 12v timer could switch a relay at the appropriate time, sending the door up/down. There are a few versions on the net on how to make this door opener. I noticed though that they all used a couple of computer charges to power the antenna which made it complicated. Electric car antenna – you can get these from your local wreckers if you have one. Join 2 million + to receive instant DIY inspiration in your inbox. I’m in!

make your own chicken door opener 2An automatic door is indispensable if you’re not always there to let your backyard chickens out in the morning and close them in at night to secure them from predators. Some people are handy enough to make their own automatic chicken doors, and you can find all manner of instructions on the internet some ingenious, some flaky, and some downright dangerous. Can you email me the actual motor you bought for the solar power automatic door opener. Make your life easier with our Automatic Chicken Door Openers, Drinkers and Accessories.

I just want to say, I really appreciate your taking the time to write what you have done. This interesting design is the winner of our contest! The inventive system requires a simple mechanism and a counterweight which are connected to the roost, making the chickens’ weight do the work. Our creative readers sent in their automatic chicken coop door ideas; This elegant non-motorized design uses the chickens’ own weight and a counterbalanced bucket of sand or earth to open and close the door. Third place goes to Rod Neumann who adapted an electronic deer-feed timer for his coop door opener. Share your thoughts. So we set out to create our own door for our poultry (ducks, geese, guinea, pheasants, and chickens). Easy Do It Yourself Make Your Current Coop Door Automatic Kit!

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make your own chicken door opener 3I plan to eventually redo my own coop door opener when I move to coop to the other side of yard and would love some more ideas or suggestions. It runs on electricity, but when the time comes to build a new coop, I think I might try building a lever system opener instead. Are your chickens old enough to be laying yet? Ian’s solar-powered automatic chicken door opener. Awesome job and thanks for sharing all your plans too. He also supplied a link to another automated chicken coop door which has a decent writeup with schematics and such. What happens for your poor little chicken don’t make it back threw the door before it closes????. I was going to roll my own H-bridge, but realized that error conditions could cause blue smoke without smarts. I was able to apply the same function with a yard-sale salvaged garage door opener. Easy to install, no messy wiring or DIY knowledge required. Simply attach the Pop-Hole Door Opener to the outside of your chicken hen house, tie the lifting cord to your pop-hole door and add batteries. Letting the chickens out of the coop is the priority, since they fuss about knowing that the lazy geese and ducks are eating up nature’s bounty that must have sprung up overnight while they were locked in their cell. So.. how can we make a door opener that will operate even without electric power? How can we make a door opener that will operate even without electric power? Or a heavy metal door could be made to drop of it’s own weight and open the pop hole. In answer to your constructive musings, the timer has a built-in battery backup for the fairly frequent power blips we encounter.

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