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Frugal Gardening: Four Inexpensive Raised Bed Ideas. If you are looking to build your own raised beds and are a bit handy, I highly recommend the site Ana-White. We attached chicken wire to the bottom of our boxes and then lined the insides with landscape plastic. I’m planning to put some new beds in a different part of our yard this year and in some sort of weird configuration. I have a great project to keep you busy this weekend: pick a good sunny spot in your yard and build a raised vegetable bed! Now, once you’ve attached all the stakes to the inside of the box (there should be a total of ten stakes), you can begin setting on the boards that’ll comprise the top layer. I know there are probably cheaper ways to make these. I wanted a mixture of simple design, easy to acquire supplies (no stalking Craigslist or driving 30 miles for free wood ) and frugal. 8.47 a box. We used about 1.5 boxes to build the three beds.

make your own garden box cheap 2Plant a vegetable patch in your new garden. You also could use untreated pine to build your box and it’s a lot cheaper. My family decided to create some backyard, above-ground, garden boxes since the soil where we live is rock-hard and not easily manageable. Please keep the spirit of innovation alive by modifying anything necessary on your build to meet your own needs. Cedar raised bed make gardening easier, more accessible, more economical, and more efficient. They are not cheap. I bought a whole box of deck screws from Home Depot for 5.99.

Build your own garden box. Did this today, super cheap AND super easy! Might want to put chicken wire at the bottom to prevent critters from digging under. Raised bed gardening boxes look nice and create a barrier. You do not have to spoil the garden for planting your desired veggies or fruits. If you want cheap-raised garden beds, this option is certainly best for you.

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make your own garden box cheap 3Get our video and instructions to learn how to build this raised bed garden. Hold the soaker in place with pins used for landscape fabric or make your own pins from 1-foot lengths of bailing wire folded in half. Raised garden beds, also called garden boxes, are great for growing small plots of veggies and flowers. They keep pathway weeds from your garden soil, prevent soil compaction, provide good drainage and serve as a barrier to pests such as slugs and snails. Use these easy instructions to build your own raised beds. Bonus! They don’t take up very much yard space. VA68225 38 x 38 Huntington Raised Garden Bed Outdoor Vinyl Planter Box 86. How to Build Raised Vegetable Garden Boxes. Building a raised garden box to grow food for your family is a fun project and a healthy way to provide produce. Cheap Raised Garden Beds: Best Ways to Build Your Dream. Another huge advantage of a raised garden bed kit is that you don’t have to excavate earth in your back yard. Think about it: you don’t want to have to clamber inside your raised garden bed box to access inner plants, and 4′ is about as far as most people can reach. There are plenty of ways to start your own home vegetable garden without spending a fortune. Make sure your containers are deep and wide enough to accommodate your vegetables. The best type of vegetables to grow in a window box garden are lettuce, greens, and spinach, as they are sown on top of the soil and do not have deep roots. 23 Cheap Wedding Reception Food & Drink Menu Ideas on a Budget.

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Among the challenges were terrible soil, a concrete-paved yard, arid growing conditions, small children, and a big, exuberant puppy. First, my husband, Frank, was an accomplished carpenter and could build the boxes. I use inexpensive chopsticks to keep the hose in place. For your super cheap raised garden bed, you will need:. How to Make Your Own Stew Starter from Homestead Dreamer. I’m actually using cedar for these boxes as it weathers better and repels bugs, but you certainly could put some polyurethane on the boards to keep them looking fresh longer. It also gives your raised garden boxes a very rustic & cottage-look. PROS Makes a very clean look and can last the longest of all structures. CONS Very expensive, and hard for a DIYer to do on their own. Fir Douglas Fir can last 5-7 years, and is the cheapest of the types of wood used for raised garden boxes. Kitsets are available, make your own or have a handyperson build them for you. Some woods are softer and will breakdown quickly, but you can drench the insides of your garden boxes with safe and cheap linseed oil to help preserve them longer.

Build a cheap raised bed garden by repurposing used pallet crates. If you have a small yard consider building this lovely garden box, that doesn’t take up much space.