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At no additional cost to you, I may get a commission if you make a purchase. So, I began scouring Craig’s List for the perfect bed frame to make into a bench in our front yard. Finally, I found a full sized cannonball bed frame that looked very similar to this one:. Build a Garden Bench from a Bed. by Daisy on 08/26/2011.

making a bench from a bed frame 2Full Sized Maple Bed Headboard Bench. I am actually in the process of making a bench from a headboard I pulled out of an apartment dumpster, and well. That bench was made from an old queen sized waterbed frame. It’s VERY heavy and I couldn’t have mangaged it without the help of my Husband. He did all the heavy work while I supervised! Kathy All the junk you are looking for from Retro to Rusty. I’m going to build a cool bench from a headboard and I need an extra set of hands. I just inherited a bed similar to this one, no familial ties, but good memories none the less.

And I have found examples of all of these DIY recycle ideas for headboards and couple more all with links to how it was done or the source of where it was found. Bench Vintage Spindle Bed Upcycled with Upholstered Cushion. Follow my step by step tutorial on how to build a bench using an old headboard! Perfect for an entryway, porch, or deck!. Use an old bed frame to make a beautiful timeless piece of furniture. All the pieces were used in making this bench including the head board, foot board, side rails and mattress slats.

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A beautiful, sturdy DIY bench is a welcome addition to any foyer, mudroom, or outdoor space. A bed frame bench is a clever trash-to-treasure idea that is a great weekend woodworking project. Make one for an economical gift, for your porch or to sell at a craft show. You need only a small amount of woodworking. (This is actually the foot board of her grandmother’s metal bed! Can you imagine how tall the headboard is?!). I have the bed frame i just got from the ReStore so gonna make it. Rustic yet modern pallet platform bed design with lights! How to make this DIY tufted bench from scratch — easy and sturdy! However if you are salvaging legs off of a bed, or some other item, you will have to make an angled cut at the top of the leg, and using instead of bolts you will just screw directly into the legs when it is time to attach them.

32 New Upcycled Diy Ideas For Old Headboards