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In this post I’ll show you how to make a simple bed that you can easily sew in any size and with a trick for making sharp corners that will look totally pro. I find that we regularly wash our dog bed covers so I would say to improve this you may want to have an interior liner for all the stuffing and then the outside cover can come off easier than unsewing/resewing for washing. ;)Roscoe is almost eight years old and starting to have some issues with his hips so I knew it was time to make him an orthopedic dog bed to go along with the other treatments he’s getting! We have wooden/lino floors all through our apartment so he really doesn’t have a nice place to sleep without a bed. You can get memory foam mattress toppers for fairly cheap and sewing a cover isn’t too hard. Stuff the pillow into the cover. While your sweet dog can enjoy the soft fluffiness of her new bed!

making a dog bed cover 2You can make this to cover an existing dog bed or try a worn sofa cushion. A collection of 27 free dog bed patterns & tutorials gathered from all over the web. Make a cover for the bed using a zipper or pocket closure so you can remove the cover to clean. The best part is you can custom fit the bed to your pet and space.

During his recovery, I decided to make a new cover for his dog bed as something special (mostly to make myself feel better — he, of course, had no clue) and I. Dog Bed Boutique Bones Removable Dog Bed Cover. Removable Dog Bed Cover DIY Dog Bed. Dog Bed no-sew fleece pet pillow DIY Doggy Crate Cover. Try out one of our DIY Kits, which come with a removable dog bed cover, matching pillow pack, and Stuff Sack for you to get started with. Enjoy!

15 Ways To Make A Dog Bed Or Pillow:

Make an envelope style dog bed simple pattern and tutorial. I just recycled one of my old pillows that needed replacing anyway and put snaps one end so I can remove the cover for laundering and it works like a charm. What materials did you use? Was it a PITA? I have one dog who chews on his beds if left crated for a long time, though he hasn’t yet touched his current bed (shredded memory foam instead of the usual poly batting). Is your dog in need of a cushy new pillow or pet bed? As I mentioned earlier, you could revive an old pet bed by making a new cover for an old doggie pillow. This DIY dog bed cover tutorial includes all the steps and materials to create a washable dog bed for your pet. Crib Mattress Dog Bed & DIY Mattress Cover. Such an EASY indoor/outdoor dog bed, waterproof with a washable sheet! +4DanaGreen. Love this dog bed! My dog Misty has a bed in every room. When the one in my office started looking depressing, I decided it was time for a renewal — a new slipcover.

How To Sew A Dog Bed

Guest Post: How to Make a Dog Bed with Custom Fabric. This dog pillow cover is stylish and sanitary, as it’s fully customizable to look great with any room and removable for washing. Find a used crib mattress and make or buy a crib sheet for it! Crib sheet. Crib Mattress Dog Bed & DIY Mattress Cover. September 2, 2014 By Brandy 19 Comments. Just regular sleeping pillows! Sleeping pillows make great inserts and they are super easy to machine wash and dry! Pillows not included. DIY Project: Round Dog Bed. Give your pup sweet dreams and add style to your room with this round dog bed sewing project. Turn right side out through zipper to complete the bed cover. 5. Insert filled lining into bed cover; zip closed.