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I already have a store brought dog bed which my blue healer uses in our lounge room. I used a sewing machine and also a needle and thread and come velcro. Thank you for this! I have been stockpiling old pillows hoping to find a good use for them rather than tossing them out. This DIY Dog Toy using old T-Shirts is so much fun to make, and your pup will love to play with it! (a few use repurposed items like sweaters and an old end table). I Am Waning To Make a Dog Bed Out Of an End Table i Think It Would Be So Cute.

making a dog bed out of old pillows 2How do you make a dog bed? You can wash the cover, and the foam rubber won’t flatten out. This is what I use for my dogs, and it makes a good orthopaedic bed for them. Recycle your old bed pillows to make your pet a bed. Zora deserved a new bed, and so did we (the old one did nothing for our decor!) so I set about to make her a super-comfortable one that would look nice in our living room. Lay it out again, wrapping tightly around the pillow, and overlapping the edges roughly in the middle. Tags: craft tutorial, Crafts, dog bed, instructions, pets, Sewing, sewing pattern. Not such a long time ago I wrote about the Old T-shirt Cat Tent. For this reason, I’ve been trying to find something cool and creative for all those pets that like to show off a bit. Sweatshirt Pet Bed from will be the perfect project both for your crafty hands and your sweet and funny pet.

Take two large pillows and overlap them about four to six inches lengthwise. Choose a fabric and cut out two shapes large enough to cover the pillows. Alternately, you can use old curtains instead of purchasing new fabric to save money and recycle your old things. It’s a no-sew way to make your very own dog pillow that cost next to nothing! Check out this video showing how to make a pet bed from an old pillowcase and some polyester fiberfil. It’s super easy to sew your own pet bed, which you can customize with a fabric that suits your room and a filling that your pet will love. To fix it, I used more tape to distress the leather all over and conceal the original mark. Great DIY project! I don’t have pet, but could definitely see pulling out the machine and making some floor pillows.

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Recycle old pillows: no sew dog bed (or floor pillows for the kids). I doubled-knotted mine because I know my dogs will scratch and dig at the pillow to make it just the right degree of comfiness, but I’m sure a single knot would be fine, too. Or, you can turn the fleece inside out so the knots are on the inside, then stuff your pillows. If your dog is bigger than a pillow case, fold a bed sheet or towel in half, sew 3 edges, and use that as your case. Cleaning out an old home, replacing bed pillows and throw pillows because of allergies are just a few of the reasons you will have a surplus of pillows that are too good to throw away but they have out lived their original purpose. Make an envelope style dog bed simple pattern and tutorial. For more pet craft ideas from the Sitcom check out this link! I just recycled one of my old pillows that needed replacing anyway and put snaps one end so I can remove the cover for laundering and it works like a charm. This is a classic, easy to make bed that makes use of all those old clothes. For example, an old foam mattress cut up, stuffing from an old pillow, other old clothes, even an old foam stadium seat pad works. Loki got a new bed today and the weather held out for photos, so you all get a new tutorial! Read below to learn how to make this cute fluffy fleece dog bed! It took two hours to sew up and I used two old pillows & almost an entire body pillow to stuff it.

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If you have several old pillows to reuse, making larger floor cushions is one practical way to do it. A pet bed made from your old pillows can solve two problems in one go. Check out these tips to see what to do with old sheets. In this how to video tutorial learn to sew a simple pillow out of jeans. You can also use creation as a pillow or as a dog bed if you make it big enough. We all have old bed pillows that have seen better days, clumpy and worn out. These would make great beds for your dogs or cats, I made one for my dog and he loves it, and knows it is his! No more pushing. The Cottage Market! Come and check them will find them very comfy! You will find them very comfy! This Old House shared the DIY on how to. build a Murphy Bed for Your Dog!!! This is a brilliant idea! Check it out.

If you have enough rags, you can use your old textiles to make a homemade pet pillow. Directions for making a homemade pet bed out of an old T-shirt and other discarded textiles:. There’s a whole world of DIY decorative pillows out there. All I had to do now was go to the linen closet (which upon opening literally attacked me and buried me under an avalanche of bedding! MY BOYS HAVE SOME SPLAINING TO DO!) and pick out one of several old, tired pillows that were ready for retirement. Sew a pet beds for your dogs and cats (or I found this NO SEW version as well) and fill with old pillow stuffing. It’s nice to make our pets comfortable, but pet beds can be pricey. Make one yourself using an old sweatshirt and a pool noodle. Of course, the sweatshirt sleeves have to be big enough for the noodle, but if you’ve got both items lying around, it’s worth a shot. You could also try it with a sweater, and to make it a bit more comfortable, use an old pillow for padding. Check it out for yourself in the video. Advertisement. It’s amazing what you can do with an old tire and a bit of effort! If you don’t think your woodworking skills are up to building a wooden-frame bed for your dog, then this pillow dog bed project from is ideal. Check out this detailed guide on how to make it from. Instead of buying your next dog bed at the store, you can sew your own using an old sheet set or one you find at the thrift store!. Turn your pillow cover right side out, stuff the comforter inside of it, and your pup is ready to snooze on her new bed! It might take a little finesse to get that comforter in there. I need a HUGE dog bed and I love the idea of using old sheets for the cover.