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If you are thinking about turning an area of lawn into a garden bed, your first step will be to get rid of the grass. Water the area a few days ahead of time to make the soil easier to work. By Nikki Phipps (Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden). While starting a flower bed requires some planning and forethought beforehand, it’s not as difficult as one might think to build a flower bed from scratch. When preparing garden beds in lawn, the size and shape of each one really does matter and should be thought through carefully. If the shrubs hang over the edge it will make the lawn difficult to trim but also cast shade over it causing it to become thin and prone to weeds.

making a garden bed on lawn 2Once we’d made our garden beds from scrap timber, the next step was to get the soil dug and planted. If you’re concerned that there might be heavy metal nasties in your soil, you can also send in a sample to the VegeSafe program at Macquarie Uni, who will test it for free in return for your data, as they’re building a soil map of Australia. Whether you need to create garden beds, clear snow or clean up your yard, we give you the instructions on how to make every project easy with a great looking end result. PHIL DUDMAN explains how to dig up a patch of lawn and get started growing nutritious vegies. A rotary hoe is a quick way of converting turf to garden beds. Heavy clay soils will need to be improved and mounded to make them drain more freely.

In the 10 years I worked as a Landscape Gardener I got plenty of experience manually digging out sod to make garden beds. Its not fun.

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