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The main door to our bedroom (on the right) is one of the old original 1880’s four panel doors in the house, but the old door to the bathroom (on the left) was a 1980’s six panel door that didn’t remotely match the style of the rest of the doors in the house. The first and most important thing is to measure the width of the bed you are building this headboard for. A solid old door, refinished and hung sideways, becomes a perfect — and perfectly inexpensive — headboard for a bed. To mount the headboard, cut a 1-by-4 to the headboard’s width, and then cut it lengthwise on a 45-degree angle into two equal strips. Want more great ideas? Browse several headboard ideas and do it yourself headboard instructions using metal, wood and upholstery from DIY Network. DIY Vintage Mantel Headboard. 02:28.

making a headboard from an old door 2FINALLY!!!! Don and I have been talking about these headboards for months, but our schedules and the weather made this much more than a weekend project! We are SO thrilled with the results and wanted to share this how-to with you, so without further ado I am tickled to welcome my first guest blogger. I first removed the old door knob and the knocker (don’t worry I saved it). After a decade of living without a headboard, we finally have a headboard I adore and I am so proud in making part of our home. I found this old door for 5 at a Habitat for Humanity Restore.

The next project of DIY headboard features an attractive door form an old furniture piece. As a bonus, it has a small shelve above. Great for all sorts of decorative objects. It’s great to go out and buy new things for your house, but sometimes, it’s better to do things yourself. Right now, it’s easier than ever to make things yourself thanks to the fancy new trend of upcycling. Because Lindsay is a professional home stylist, it s no wonder that her matching bedding and complementary drapes made this old door looks right at home at the head of her bed.

Ain’t She Crafty: How To Build A Headboard From An Old Door

The Decorator we worked with asked us to make the headboard to fit both a king size and a queen size bed, After cleaning and sealing the front of the door we painted the other trim details using a color still visible from one of the original paints on the door. Make a headboard from cabinet doors. The idea of this instructable is to get your creative juices flowing – to serve as a starting point should you have the fortune of stumbling across some old cabinet doors that are right for the job. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more. In the process of making a headboard with an old barn door. We are attaching it to a 1x12x12 hanging the door horizontal with the old hinges attached to the 1 12. Reuse old cabinet doors and turn them into something beautiful how to build a headboard with old cabinet doors. Home improvement expert Allen Lyle turns discarded columns salvaged from a construction site dumpster and scrap lumber into a beautiful headboard. Make your own using an old pallet box, iron work from an old bench and attaching casters! 5.

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