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Some of us naturally think that the robins that make their nests in the most natural settings will have better success than those that nest on houses. Sure enough, once in a while a baby robin crashes to a hard cement patio and dies when it first fledges from a nest built on a porch light. The highest priority when siting a nest box must be to provide a safe and comfortable environment in which birds can nest successfully. Robins use open-fronted nestboxes, and prefer them to be low to the ground and concealed behind vegetation. Make sure it is sheltered from prevailing wind, rain and strong sunlight. By downloading this nest box plan you will be subscribed to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and NestWatch enewsletters. Mount the shelf on a building in a sheltered site, under the eaves or soffits, or over a light fixture.

making a robin nest box 2Instructions for making a nestbox for small birds. The small box with 100 mm high open front may attract robins or pied wagtails. A wren would need a 140 mm high front panel, while spotted flycatchers prefer a low 60 mm front to the box. Earlier literature included Catbirds and Thrashers as platform nesters. Carolina Wrens and House Finches will nest on both platforms and in nest boxes. Here is an American Robin in the process of building a nest in a nest ledge box located under the house eave, providing some shade and protection from the weather:.

You can make an open fronted version to attract robins and pied wagtails. Help your local bird population by feeding them and building some nestboxes. Robins and flycatchers – put the box in a thicket of dense shrubbery (Pyracantha or thorn bush ideal) at a height of 1. Building a box for wildlife simulates these natural homes in which animals can be protected and comfortable, if built and maintained correctly. Territory size varies among birds – tree swallows require only several feet of space, robins need less than half an acre, while chickadees and nuthatches usually need several acres.

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making a robin nest box 3There are several features to consider when purchasing or building a nesting box. If you want a detailed, step-by-step instruction book on how to build, mount, place and protect birdhouses, along with a nest box specification table and everything else you need to know to have baby birds hatching and growing up in your yard, you can download my free ebook here. What would be good site for Cardinal, Chickadee, Robin, purple martin? There is no standard design for a nestbox and one can be made from a large variety of materials. Woodpeckers and grey squirrels can be a problem in some areas and will happily enlarge the hole or make a hole in the side of the box. It looks a bit funny but robins can get through the holes, where squirrels, crows, cats and jays cannot. For American Robins and Barn Swallows you can install a nesting shelf and provide a source of mud nearby because both types of birds will use mud to build their nests. Monitoring the nest boxes will help you make sure that House Sparrows and European Starlings are not using the boxes and competing with native species. If you would like to make your own nesting box please click on the picture below. Open fronted nest boxes will attract birds’ like Robins, Wrens & Spotted Flycatchers. There is no standard, accurate design for a nestbox. Birds do not insist on their nest sites being mathematically precise! What they do require is a nest site which is secure and weatherproof, and as safe as possible from predators.

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Find the answers to the most common questions about nest boxes. Boxes in gardens should be located where cats cannot get to them, making walls a better option than trees. I was going to publish an Instructable to make a box for hole-nesting birds, but Cheapchuck has done such a good job HERE, I’m going to make a few of his. Robin Nesting Platforms at – Quality crafted Robin Houses for nesting and roosting Robins. Position the nesting shelf up under the eves of a building or mount to a post. Last Sunday was such a sunny, beautiful day that it called for outdoor projects to keep me busy in the fresh air. The first thing I noticed when I stepped outside was the sheer volume of bird song,.

Learn how to identify American Robin, its life history, cool facts, sounds and calls, and watch videos. You’ll find plans for building a nest box of the appropriate size on our All About Birdhouses site.