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It is an older version of the Malm bed with some kind of locks that I cannot remove – it doesn’t look like a typical cam lock, please see pictures below:. I’ve got a MALM bed frame that my mattress sits on. It’s a pretty popular model from IKEA. Problem is I’m moving and I can’t figure out how to dismantle it. But the bed is the one i really need to take apart if I hope to vacate my apartment. We disassembled our Malm bed (not completely, dont do that!) in August when we moved, and reassembled it.

 malm bed disassembly 2If you’re on your own then one relatively foolproof way to take apart your Ikea furniture is by following the instructions backwards. I moved my malm bed last year and found it to be one of the easiest pieces of Ikea furniture to disassemble (although definitely requires 2 people). The longest leg of the screw head should be pointing towards the piece that it is connected to. So, the left screw in your picture would turn counter clockwise until the part that is currently at the 10:00 position is at the 3:00 position (unless there is a connecting piece at the top outside of the picture that I cannot see). How to disassemble IKEA Aspelund bed frame. Just follow steps backwards to reassemble. This is a completely assembled bed with mattress on the bed frame.

The good news is that the 113453 IKEA wrench used to assemble and disassemble the Malm Bed frame is actually a 13mm wrench. IKEA furniture is affordable and easy to assemble (apparently)- appealing to the masses as a low-cost alternative. We can see from the number of furniture assembly tasks, especially IKEA, that putting together the furniture is the least fun part of the process but eventually is completed and you can enjoy your furniture But then you Read More. I’m really dying to know about the quality of the IKEA MALM bed in particular (but other beds would be useful), and it seems like every other bedroom features that bed.

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We disassemble ikea furniture at your home or office. log into See more about Washington Dc, Malm and Bed Frames. IKEA – MALM, Bed frame, high,, Double,, Adjustable bed sides allow you to use mattresses of different thicknesses. Ikea Bed Disassembly Service In Dc Md Va Furniture Assembly Ikea Malm Queen Bed Instructions Ikea Malm Queen Bed Instructions. I’m looking at getting a new bed and I’m liking the look of the IKEA Malm bed but worried how sturdy it is because it’s made out of particle board. Once fully assembled it is very sturdy but like most Ikea furniture they really don’t like being disassembled and reassembled something always seems to break. Once we finally connected, Scott did a great job on my IKEA bed. He is great about staying in contact with you. He did a great job assembling a massive Malm storage bed. His rates are very reasonable. When you’re done taking the bed frame apart, the largest piece you have to lift is usually the.

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Ikea bed disassembly in Washington DC – same day service. Hassle Free! check out this ikea malm bed disassembled and reassembled in Washington DC.