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If you have the Ikea Malm bed, you probably know the slats kind of suck. From what I can tell from about 10 minutes of googling at 2:30 am a few weeks ago after the slats fell through for the 3rd or 4th time that week, if the bed it’s set perfectly square (rectangle?), the. Now, the foam keeps the slats from having any slip and keeps them snug without permanently attaching them to each other or to the bed. The issue of the slats falling through the bed can be solved a few ways: by screwing the slats to the siderails of the bed (not the greatest solution, since they then become almost impossible to disassemble), by installing siderails with a larger lip for the slats to sit on, or by DIYing slats that are an exact fit to the width of the bed. I second what everyone else says — we are, together, +/- 500 lbs of enthusiastic companions who sleep on the malm bed with wooden slats. the bed bowed out a bit after a year+ and we did the most low-fi diy fix ever — we stuck painting sticks down the middle to make the slat touch the other end more firmly. This should prevent breakage (unless you’re jumping on the bed).

 malm bed slats keep falling through 2On a sad note my joy from solving the falling slat issue did not last long. Without a second thought and without any research I purchased our new furniture among which included an IKEA Malm Bed Frame and accompanying Sultan Lillaker Bed Slats. It became a scary task each night to climb into or out of bed out of fear that you would fall through again. The braces are intended to hold the sides of the bed frame in and keep them from expanding outward. The slats on my sons bed used to keep falling off( poor kid complained every night), and the area where the joints were screwed together was cracking ( it was not like the furniture was old,just poorly made and particle board was really a bad choice for this). I have a malm bed frame that’s a good 5 years old so far and no problems and i’m not a skinny little kid. The design meant that most of the load is transferred to the screws holding the cross beams up onto the frame, over the years the screws chewed through the wood and started popping out one by one resulting in failures of the cross beams, I had to buy metal brackets to add bracing to reinforce the connections and also prop up the cross beams from the floor with cut pieces of wood acting as columns. Short of getting a new bed without slats (which I can’t afford right now) I can’t see a solution, though that My bed is an ikea one also (Malm) with slats, the construction is as follows: Wooden outer bedframe, with metal runners on the inside of this frame at both side of the bed, down the middle there is a steel box beam, the box beam is attached at the head and foot of the bed into metal plates, it is then also anchored to the metal runners on the sides by four adjustable arms.

We’re wondering if upgrading our bed slats may be a smart alternative to get more comfort from our mattress, akin to upgrading the suspension on a car. First, it keeps the sides from bulging out and letting the slats fall through. We bought a malm bed frame from IKEA. This helps keeps the slats from falling out, but the bed still wobbles. Pick a length so that the nail goes through the slat, into the support rail, but not out the bottom (don’t want to catch the point of the nail on something under the bed etc).

Ikea Bed & Lillaker Bed Slats

I want to keep the mattress so I figure just stay with full size for now and in few more years I can upgrade to a queen bed (or king I think that discussion is still on the table). I have friends who have the queen Malm bed, and it is very sturdy, held several of us sitting on it to play Rock Band as they had their gaming system in bedroom. I don’t know if my particular bed frame is maybe a manufacturers defect and 1/2 inch too small, but I have a standard full sized mattress (and box spring) that fit into other standard full size bed frames, and it fell right through this one. Awesome idea for that IKEA bed that the slats keep falling out of. Diy coffee desk from malm mattress slats ikea hackers. Kimi Bed: 1 customer review on Australia’s largest opinion site I brought I single bed from amart and the slats for the bed keep falling through if there is too much weight on the bed eg. Ikea MALM Bed Frames. When it came to the mattress slats, Diy espresso desk from malm mattress slats ikea. That you could only get through diying! Mattress slats keep the mattress for your mattress from falling thru the frame onto the floor.

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