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If you have any questions on Marshall amps parts/spares or have any queries about repairing your broken Marshall amplifier then we answer FAQs here. Marshall Knob black with Gold Cap, D Shaft, KNOB00034. Marshall amp knob, BLACK with gold hardware, push on. For AVT100, AVT150, AVT20, AVT275, AVT50,. We stock the full range of Marshall genuine parts such as Handles,corners,logos connectors and castors. These Original Marshall amplifier parts will keep your Marshall amplifier in pristine condition.

marshall cabinet parts 2Find great deals on eBay for Marshall Logo in Guitar Amplifier Parts and Accessories. Marshall Amplifier Logo Original 6 Gold-Finish Script Replacement Cabinet Head. Browse products from the Amplifier Parts category – listing products sorted by recommended, page 1. Amp Cover, Marshall, replacement for Full Size Amplifier Head. Marshall Amp feet for Heads, JCM800, JCM900 Range PU 2 pieces MRV3.

HEX-NUT: for TWEED AMP Chassis screw matching screw find. Parts Express Marshall Style Black Elephant Tolex Vinyl Cabinet Covering Yard 54 Wide. Brand: Parts Express. Part 260-7606. Be the first to write a review. Amp handle – Marshall style large plastic strap handle w/ Black plastic End Caps.

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marshall cabinet parts 3It’s not the only way. This will be a to the basics article. Cab/Headbox dimensions are up to you. For the head I just copied the Marshall one that I was replacing. The newest in cool combines the iconic look of the Marshall Amp with the utility of a small refrigerator and joins the latest trend of hot new must-have’s: Meet the Marshall Fridge. As with some Fender amps, many older Marshall amps have been neglected and abused over the years. Does anyone know where I can find replacement speaker mounting screws for a ’71(ish) Marshall 1960 4×12? Should I just go to the hardware store and get something threaded the same or is there a resource for the originals? I have just found that I am missing half the screws to mount a quad of WGS v30’s. Plans for the Leach Low TIM Amplifier, Part 1, by W. Marshall Leach, Jr. Handle – for Cabinet Side, Genuine Marshall, Recessed Plastic – Hardware not included.

Screws, Nuts And Bolts

Guitar amp parts for upgrade, repair, modification, or DIY, PLUS MADE IN USA TURRET BOARDS. Magnetic Components Inc. Transformers for Fender and Marshall Tube AmpsMADE IN USA!!! Magnetic Components Inc.