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Find great deals on eBay for Cabinet Casters in Guitar Acoustic Amplifiers. Marshall Cabinet Casters Amplifier Amp Guitar JCM JVM DSL 1936 1960 Wheels. Oh, knowledgeable Marshall brethren, please help. I picked up a JCM900 1960A cabinet in great shape from a guy on Craigslist. One small catch. You can’t take the wheels off. They must either fit into the bottom cab’s caster cups (if you’re cool enough to own a proper Marshall bottom cab) or go sideways making one look like a rank amateur.

marshall cabinet wheels 2Original Marshall caster and socket with a black wheel having 50mm diameter x 20mm width. Used on 1960A, 1960B and other cabinets. Package of. Hey eveyone. Just picked up a nice Marshall 1960 bv on CL for a steal. I t didnt come with casters so I am looking for an inexpensive solution. Marshall casters are in great shape. Set of 4. These are for the 1960a and 1960b series cabs. 

Each amp caster features an amp cabinet receptacle and four screws. Ruberex wheel, double ball bearing, split-level, nickel-plated steel construction offers superior swiveling and weight dispersion. Marshall DSL100H Guitar Amplifier Half Stack (6). Thanks. yeah im probably gonna get some casters to put on my marshall cab today. im gonna get the ones with the locking wheels so i dont have to worry about it rolling off stage haha. Shop for the Marshall 1960 300W 4×12 Guitar Extension Cabinet in 1960A Angled and receive free shipping and guaranteed lowest price. Most of the other high end 4x12s are more money simply because they come with Vintage 30s, or greenbacks, heritage 30s or whatever, which are real expensive, but in terms of construction, wheels looks and sound, it does not get much better than this, as far as non ported cabs go.

Caster And Socket

marshall cabinet wheels 3The sheer sonic and visual power of Marshall speaker cabinets has made them synonymous with the sound and image of rock. Heavy duty casters are standard equipment on all Marshall full-size cabinets. Marshall 1960a Cabinet with Wheels. Great chance to pick up a nice 2nd Hand Marshall 1960A Cabinet w/ Wheels. RTM guitar gallery. Product Specification:.

Ernie Ball Amp Casters (pop Out) (set Of 4) At Zzounds