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I would highly recommend Antique Electronic Supply to any one who is looking for OEM parts, accessories and every thing else for the Old and new musicians alike. This original Marshall vent is for the H-shaped head back panels on the vintage JMP and JTM amps from the 1960s. Used with 8 Black screws, on amps and speaker cabinets. Find great deals on eBay for Marshall Logo in Guitar Amplifier Parts and Accessories. MARSHALL ORIGINAL 9 AMPLIFIER AMP SPEAKER CABINET LOGO NEW.

marshall speaker cabinet parts 2Marshall Amp Parts for marshall amps. We stock original Marshall switches and logs, cab feet, ohms selectors and voltage seletors. MarshallSpeaker Cabinet Feet. Covers for Marshall Amplifier and Speaker Cabinet. Marshall Logo line up to the holes in my original Amplifier, Combo or Cabinet?

You are Here: Home Spares Cabinet Parts. Spares. Fuses Knobs Handles Cabinet Parts. Cabinet Parts. Showing 1-10 of 10 results. The Vintage Sound Marshall Style Metal Recessed Cabinet Handle (Fits Newer 4x12s) 5224001 – Dimensions: 8 5/8 x 6 3/8 Same size used on current production Marshall 4×12 cabinets. We stock the full range of Marshall genuine parts such as Handles,corners,logos connectors and castors. Back corners 4 packMarshall Amplifier SparesMarshall back corners for cabinets, combos and amplifier heads.

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Parts Express Marshall Style Black Elephant Tolex Vinyl Cabinet Covering Yard 54 Wide. Speaker Cabinet Carpet Covering Charcoal Yard 54 Wide. Parts Express Vintage Marshall Style Black Bronco Tolex Vinyl Speaker Cabinet Covering Yard 54 Wide. Replacement Parts, Covers and Foot Switches for Marshall Amplifiers NCM-294 – Genuine 11 Marshall Logo Genuine Marshall Logo – White Plastic With Mounting Pins – 11 Wide – As used on Marshall 4×12 speaker cabinets. Genuine Marshall Side Handle – As used on Marshall 4×12 speaker cabinets and some combo amps. Jack cup for input jack on speaker cabinets.Original Marshall replacement part. Replacement parts for Marshall guitar amps, bass amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and guitar effects: where can you buy Marshall parts? Get them at Marshall Arts! Marshall guitar amps, bass amplifiers, speaker cabinets, and guitar effects: where can you buy Marshall accessories? Get them from Marshall Arts!

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Armadillo primarily offers Fender Style Replacement Cabinets, cabinet parts like back panels and baffle boards, Custom Amplifier Cabinets & Design, and Vintage Amp Restorations. Closed Back Custom Speaker Cabinets for a Fender Blues Deville Guitar Amplifier. Cabinet hardwares are also available for the Fender and Marshall style cabinets. Use a genuine Marshall amp cover and keep that prized amp or cabinet clean, free of dust, and looking great when it’s time to take the stage. Each of these premium-quality covers is made to fit your a. The 8-ohm, 120W MG Series MG412CF Guitar Speaker Cabinet is loaded with 4 – 12 custom-voiced Marshall/Celestion speakers that really crank out that. The hardware (handles, input jack cup, corners) are standard Marshall quality. Fliptops is also now proud to offer our own line of high end speaker cabinets including the new 810N stack cabinet system. Hey, we know you can never own just one amp, so we are also offering a selection of parts serving other classic amps such as Fender, Marshall, Vox, Sunn, Hiwatt, Traynor and many more.