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Modern match manufacturing is a highly automated process using continuous-operation machines that can produce as many as 10 million matches in an eight-hour shift with only a few people to monitor the operation. Match boxes and match books are made from cardboard. 1 Logs of white pine or aspen are clamped in a debarking machine and slowly rotated while spinning blades cut away the outer bark of the tree. We are remarkably growing with the market developments and thus manufacturing and exporting hi- tech stock of Match Box Making Machine. All these machines are widely used for manufacturing large quantities of match boxes. Are you interested in starting a match stick production company? Most of your operations will be machine-mediated, so you will need to acquire the machinery you will need. Pets Real Estate Retail Security Services Small Scale Manufacturing Sports Travel.

match box manufacturing machine 2The machine is used for producing paperboard match inner and outer boxes at the same time, then filling inner boxes into outer boxes to form complete match boxes. Matchstick manufacturing business can be initiated as small scale with maintaining safety measures strictly. It will give you the proper information about capital investment, machinery, raw materials needed and where to source. Also you need to have match box and outer box for packaging. In mechanized match manufacture the entire process of match making takes place under one roof from log to match. Box making comes next and is done both by machine as well as manually.

At our factory in Vetlanda we manufacture splint (finished matchsticks without heads) and outer box printed skillets, for further assembly into finished. The continuous machine is the most ingeniously designed of all the match manufacturing machines, and has a capacity of around 2 million matchsticks an hour. Match Manufacturing Machines. Box filling Machines. Inner Outer Combining Machines. Wrapping-Packing. C.C. Saw. Peeling Machines. Chopping Machines. PATENTED JAN. 13, 190 3. H. 0. LA FLAMBOY. MATCH BOX MAKING MACHINE. APPLICATION FILED APR. 12, 1902. 5 SHEETS-SHEET 1. K0 MODEL.

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