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Creating a niche of Matchbox Making Machines such as Cardboard Inner Box Making Machine, Wax Splints Making Machines and Match Boxes 10’s Box Packing Machine at its best, with utmost quality. Wax Splints Making Machines. Match Boxes 10’s Box Packing Machine. 1 Logs of white pine or aspen are clamped in a debarking machine and slowly rotated while spinning blades cut away the outer bark of the tree. I am extremely interested to understand the process and making of the matchstick in a more unusual way. Could you give me your opinion, as to how much it would cost to make a single box of matchsticks? Does a manufacture outsource stock/material? I am interested in understanding for a major art project that the cost of sourcing materials, to manufacturing, the cost of labour, the cost of transport to and from, the cost of packaging, the cost of marketing etc – will all accumulate somehow. This machine is used to make the match splints and the match box-slice(to included the paper-slice, the inner and outer box-slice ) which are the need of producing matchs.

matchbox making machine price 2Matchstick manufacturing business can be initiated as small scale with maintaining safety measures strictly. It will give you the proper information about capital investment, machinery, raw materials needed and where to source. Source the raw material from reliable venders in reasonable price. Liner Board Match Inner Box Making Machine Price for Matchbox Factory. This means there is huge profit potential in the matchstick production business. A business plan highlights the profitability of the market, the competition, the total cost required to start and run the business, and the projected earnings from the business. Aspen, Poplar, and Pine are the types of wood usually used for making match splints.

Today, with modern match box making machinery, two persons are capable of producing an identical number of match boxes in an eight-hour day. While a box of 500 matches sells for only a nickel, the cost of match-making materials used is really negligible.

Matchstick Manufacturing

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Match-making From Log To Light