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This is not the same as the wood slat used in many low and mid quality platform beds as they almost always use hardwood for strength. In this case, it is crucial for a platform bed to be solid and completely flat or the warranty will be void. For platform beds that offer slat supports, customers can purchased a thin box spring known as a bunkie board to use in place of a typical box spring. A platform bed features a deck or slats that provide support to a mattress, so a box spring or foundation is not needed.

mattress for platform bed with slats 2Platform beds offer a sleek, contemporary look with a foam mattress on top. Foam mattresses work equally as well on the floor, a platform bed or a slatted frame as long as the slats sit 3 inches to no more than 8 inches apart. Foam mattresses work especially well on platform bed frames designed to fit your seating comfort and the height of the mattress. I need a new mattress for my low platform, wood slat bed. We bought this mattress for my daughter’s platform bed so it needed to be very comfortable.

Will most mattresses work with a platform bed or should I be looking at specific types of mattresses?. The truth is the gaps between slats can cause your mattress to wear out faster. Shop hundreds of modern platform beds and bed frames from AllModern. Bed Type: Platform; Headboard Type: Slat; Frame Material: Wood. Published in Platform Beds by Sean Fry on Tuesday, May 28, 2013. They also sometimes use a flat piece of wood in place of slats to create a flat surface.

Does A Foam Mattress Work Well On A Platform Bed?

How sturdy should a platform bed be to support a mattress? Slats should run underneath the mattress within the frame. They’re there to keep the mattress level and supported. A little later futons came on the scene and platform beds with them. Platform beds have high-set slats, so no foundation is needed either to support a mattress or to add height to the bed. There are many sizes of platform beds available, and since they don’t need a box spring they can be economical to buy. When buying a mattress, make sure slat widths and materials match with the mattress manufacturer’s recommended usage to avoid voiding warranty. The slats featured in the bed ensures great support to the mattress. More Options. Upholstered Platform Bed. by Corrigan Studio. A platform bed, also known as a cabin bed, is a bed the base of which consists of a raised, level, usually rectangular horizontal solid frame, often with a section consisting of rows of flexible wooden slats or latticed structure meant to support just a mattress. See more about Kitchen Shutters, Platform Bed Frame and Ikea Hackers.

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Together with Restonic we have designed mattresses specifically for the platform bed. All of our beds incorporate an Orthopedic slat system which takes the place of the traditional box spring.