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I have looked locally and on the internet for a suitable wainscoting material. I think birch veneer on mdf or birch plywood would be my two best choices. I’ve got a job where the homeowner has requested a wainscot in the master. It cant really be the price saving, around here it sells for around the same as plywood. Also, what’s the best way to install MDF wainscoting over drywall?

mdf or plywood for wainscoting 2Are you simply trying to install flat-panel wainscoting, between 36 inches to 60 inches high? If that is the case then simply lay out your panels to whatever you wish them to be. Can I leave the base layer of the wainscoting as dry wall (painted of course) and just add the vertical wood stiles over it or does the base layer need to be a wood material as well? What type of wood is best for this application and what thickness? Is it best to paint the wainscoting bright white or an off white and what type of finish?. My own preference for paint grade raised panel wainscoting is poplar stick and cope with mdf (not trupan) raised panels with the sharp edge of the raised panel genrously eased.

Specially treated moisture-resistant MDF, however, can stand up to steam in a bath. I caulked around every edge: the top of the wainscoting, between every square and between the MDF and the molding at the bottom. For the panels you can use MDF, high density fiberboard, hardwood plywood or beadboard. You could use a combination of solid wood for the wainscoting frame and veneered ply or beadboard (in the same wood species) for the panels; or you could use MDF for all the wainscoting components, which is probably the best choice if you plan on painting the wainscoting.

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mdf or plywood for wainscoting 3Using MDF for painted cabinetry and millwork is a great choice for stability, cost and durability. These large sheets can be milled into bead board panels or wainscot paneling. For interior cabinetry, MDF is superior to solid wood and plywood in almost every way. Wainscot, traditionally, is installed at the height of the back of an average dining chair, about 32 36. So my next adventure for Wainscoting will probably be with MDF. Plywood is stronger, more moisture resistant, and gives you a grain texture on the surface, but it is more expensive, has nasty edges, even if you get good stuff without any voids, and if you plan on doing any shaping, you will have to paint it many times to cover the alternating grain in those edges. I was thinking of building it from MDF, but it will be damaged easily with the luggage. Maybe rails and stiles from poplar and center panel from plywood. We recently added some more faux wainscoting to the walls in our basement. Are your walls smooth or do they just appear that way in the pic? My walls have a light texture and I am wondering if it would be okay to do this without adding plywood to the wall first. Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is a composite product used in many home and professional projects, such as furniture, cabinetry, flooring and even speaker boxes due to its smooth finish, machinability, strength and consistency. Wainscoting and beadboard are often used interchangeably, but wainscoting typically refers to any sort of half-wall wood paneling; it can be constructed with traditional wood tongue-and-groove boards, but beadboard is a popular alternative due to its lower cost.

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For my boards, I decided to use PureBond plywood in Birch. I first attached a 12 MDF board on the top using wood glue and my stapler. Fara 8 Linear ft. MDF Overlapping Wainscot Interior Paneling Kit Model 32MDFKIT. Cape Cod MDF V-Groove Wainscot Plank Paneling (18-Piece per Box). Model 8203034. MDF wainscot with overlapping assembly is an easy way to update the look of any room in your home. If walls are in good condition, glue or nail wainscot directly on existing drywall, plywood or paneling. Construction Plywood. Many contractors shop at Windsor Plywood for our exterior sheathings and construction materials. MDF and MDF Superlite. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is intended for interior, non-structural projects like counter tops, etc.

Remember that you will get to use all the mdf that you don’t use for the wainscoting baseboard for the baseboard in the rest of the room. Find Best Make Mdf Wainscoting Supplier on Alibaba Make Mdf Wainscoting Supplier Directory. The full MDF production line, MDF board machinery, mdf production line,mdf plywood price india,mdf wainscot panel. Elite Trimworks offers MDF Beadboard Sheets which can be used for Back Splashes, Cabinet Doors, Furniture, Ceilings or Wall Applications. Should you decide to use 3/8 thick sheets, with any bead type, they will match perfectly with our BeadBoard Rail Package that includes a pre-milled upper and lower rail, cap and shoe trim for a very rich looking wainscot beadboard application. Paneled wainscoting gives a sophisticated look to any room. To make this DIY project easy, use hardwood plywood along with pre-squared, pre-planed, dimensioned hardwood lumber, or S4S ( surfaced on four sides ) which can be found at better home centers.