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I’m really torn about which way to go. It seems most builders are using MDF these days. My instincts tell me to stick with wood but not sure why. For me, MDF vs. wood depends entirely on the level of renovation we’re working on. The house needs to be pretty cheap IMO to make MDF a valid material. For me, MDF just seemed so fragile (as in you try to cut it and it just disintegrates). Pine bends enough, feels like real wood, for some reason, and paints really well.

mdf vs wood trim 2MDF molding is a popular molding option. Compared to solid wood molding, MDF molding is much less expensive. The lower price accounts for its popularity. I just finished our new house with MDF trim 1×6 base and 1×4 casing mainly due to cost. I considered poplar as we painted all the trim and that is what most builders use around here for paint grade trim when they upgrade from MDF. It comes in a wide range of stock profiles, some with a natural wood veneer suitable for staining. MDF. Best for: Rooms where trim is painted. Pros: A composite material made from sawdust and resins, ultralight medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a stable and low-cost alternative to solid wood.

I admit I’m a wood snob, but since they will be painted (and aren’t. Does MDF make good trim, especially in a humid climate? While the home will be air conditioned, how concerned do I need to be with humidity before, during and after installation? Once the home is painted and the air conditioning is running, I’m assuming I’m out of the woods? Also, is there any reason to seek out the more expensive moisture resistant MDF versus the normal, high quality MDF moldings? Forum Responses (Architectural Woodworking Forum) From contributor A: I have been using MDF moldings on the beach here in SE Florida for some time with very good results and no problems, especially when the MDF is painted. I was hoping MDF would be an inexpensive and better performing alternative to wood trim. I used 4 inch mdf baseboards which came primed on one side bought from Windsor Plywood. It sounds like your wood trim did that better than the MDF.

Mdf Molding Vs Solid Wood Molding

mdf vs wood trim 3MDF, or Medium-Density-Fiberboard, is a manufactured wood product. It will save you a lot of money vs. real wood trim. It is a bad product, however, only when used in the wrong places like window sills and in bathrooms especially. A reader asks about the wisdom of using MDF wood for trimwork. Is MDF a suitable material? I just purchased a new home that has a boat load of beautiful trim work. Some of the better mdf doors have wood rails and stiles to add stability and strength where the hinges are. Shop our selection of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Moulding in the Building Materials Department at The Home Depot. For years I have used MDF for crown and baseboard, but only poplar for casing (in paint-grade applications). When it is painted, it looks as good or better than wood. We also use premium construction adhesive, and glues to back up our nailing on some of the trim so that we can use less nailing. The smaller nails wont flash though the paint like the larger 15g nails.

Should Mdf Be Used For Window Sills Or Baseboards?

MDF trim boards come pre-milled in various styles at most lumberyards, and they are not difficult to manufacture on-site. Working MDF with power tools produces more dust than working wood, so wear a dust mask and keep the work area clean by vacuuming frequently. Buying versus renting is one of the age old concepts. MDF trim vs. finger-jointed trim. MDF is a composite of sawdust, wood shavings, small wood chips, and resin that provides a uniform material for cutting, nailing, and painting. Just like an opinion of wood vs the composite type. We plan on moving in the next yr. I’ve never had that prob in any of my bathrooms (they’re all mdf trim). MDF molding can be installed faster and more easily than natural wood. From the experts at HGTV. Gas vs. Wood Fireplaces 01:43.

Our plan is to paint all of the trim on the upper floors white so we are considering going with wood or MDF. If we go with wood, we’re thinking about something not too expensive like poplar or stretching our budget on the oak. My research told me MDF is high in formaldehyde, a chemical I have tried to avoid, especially indoors. If you’re going to caulk and paint it, this is the way to go. I hate rummaging through a pile of wood moulding to find the good pieces. If you were going to stain it, then go through the trouble of finding good wood. For windows, do you mean vinyl vs. wood, or is the material of the window exactly the same and the color is the only difference?. The pre-finished white trim we are looking at would be MDF, but it is the same cost as pre-finished pine.