Medical Bed Rails For Seniors Sample Plans PDF

We offer a variety of bed rails for seniors, or anyone needing help getting in and out of bed at home or on the go. Visit for info! Available in a variety of formats, bed safety rails keep adults and children from falling out of bed. Bed safety rails assist with preventing children and toddlers from accidentally rolling out of bed during the night. Bed rails for adults are great for those individuals who are prone to restlessness and fall out of bed.

medical bed rails for seniors 2As the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for adults aged 65 and over, falls present a major health care concern, particularly for older individuals. View current promotions and reviews of Adult Bed Rails and get free shipping at 35. Stander Bed Rail Advantage Traveler – Portable Folding Bed Handle + Padded Pouch. This is the perfect solutions for seniors and elderly who are struggling to get in and out of bed, and who may be at risk of falling at night. This makes it easy for caregiver to have access to a patient, or simply to ease the process of making the bed.

Other types of bed rails are considered medical devices and subject to FDA oversight. Portable bed rails for adults, portable bedrails used for children, and hospital bed rails that are attached to a hospital or medical bed. Stander (8051) 30 Inch Safety Bed Rail and Padded Pouch. Easily get in & out of bed by using a hospital-grade bed side rail at home. Our bed rails are perfect for adults & seniors with medical or mobility issues.

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medical bed rails for seniors 3Shop and save big on bed rails for the elderly, bed guards, bed assists, and much more! Cascade Healthcare Solutions makes it easy to order from the comfort of your own home!. Medical Assist Bed Rail Safety Bedside Bar Adjustable Height Handle Safety Rail. Medline Assist Grab Bar Adjustable Adult Up n Out Bed Rail Seniors Elderly New. Home Bed Assist Rail assistance for getting in and out of bed. This section features bed rails and bars to help people get in and out of bed easily. A solid bed rail, popular with medical professionals and domestic users. Bed rails give seniors a secure handhold when getting in or out of bed. They also make it easier to turn or reposition oneself in bed at night. Extra High Bed Rails For Divan Beds. Cot Side Bed Rail For Adjustable Beds.

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Half bed rails. It delivers security and elderly support without confining the patient in bed. It is perfect for bed types that can be elevated. Some of our more populer bed rails include the Easylever and the Easy Riser models. A dense foam mat that can be positioned next to a bed and used to prevent injuries if a patient falls out. Stander makes senior home care safety products, mobility aids, bath safety products, and bed rails to keep you from falling out of bed. (435) 755-0453.