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MEDIEVAL FURNITURE. An ongoing site with articles & links on furniture as it applies to the Middle Ages & the SCA. A Medieval Wooden Stool Medieval Chests. MEDIEVAL ENCAMPMENTS–Searchable archive of email list, lots of info re: furniture. CENTURY GERMAN FALDESTOEL (folding stool)–backless folding chair. Folding chairs have a long history of existence. The oldest examples date from around 1500-800 BC, for instance the turned ash chair found in a wooden gravetomb in Denmark.

medieval stool 2A Medieval Wooden Stool. Plans for a period stool that folds up. This stool is based on a model found in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England. The chair of Maximian in the cathedral of Ravenna is believed to date from the middle of the 6th century. Toy Horse Knock-Down Hutch The Viking Lund Stool (aka D-Stool) A Medieval Wooden Chest.

Medieval Torture and Punishment – Ducking Stool. Get Medieval facts, information and history about Ducking Stool. Fast and accurate facts about Ducking Stool. A nice stool can have a dozen or more uses. And this Wooden Medieval Stool is just that – a fine little accent for your medieval decor, which can be easily used for a variety of tasks, all while adding a colorful touch of hardwood appeal to any room. Stool ball: a medieval baseball game. by Wenyeva atte grene. The game we know as baseball may be relatively modern, but it has medieval roots.


medieval stool 3Ron Cook Studios Medieval Furniture. Medieval Three-legged Chair 1 – Detail. Sycamore-Based on original in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. Sir Raleigh Hand-Carved Medieval Dining Chair. The Medieval Mace Stool. A most unique object forms the centerpiece of this antique replica – a medieval mace! Simultaneously simple and sophisticated, our versatile stool requires two. Being some useful notes on late medieval turned triangle stools, backstools, and chairs. by Thomas Rettie. Perhaps the most basic type of seating furniture is the stool. A folding chair type 2. Century: XIII. A folding chair made of pine wood or alder wood. Measurements: the seat (linen) 500x320mm, height 450mm. ATTENTION! Designed as an authentic replica of a Renaissance-style ”X-Cross” Chair used by aristocrats in ancient times, the detail involved in creating such a magnificent piece takes more than two full days of hand-carving by a master woodworker.

Ducking Stool