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I loved Melissa and Doug toys right away when I became a parent, especially when compared to all the plastic junk I was seeing everywhere. They were completely mixed, with some safe and low risk ratings, and some terrible medium and high risk ratings. If you have Melissa and Doug toys in your house, you have to check out the extensive list they have. Posts about melissa & doug written by naturalbabymama. Wood toys may be a bit more expensive than some plastic toys. Q: How can I be sure that PlanToys quality and safety is superior to other brands? A: You can always feel confident with PlanToys because our wood is non-chemically treated and we use water-based colors that are safe for children of all ages.

melissa and doug wooden toys safe 2Recently a friend of mine gave CRjr a new Melissa & Doug wood ring stacker toy. Safety. Do you want your kid to have a picasso painted wooden stacker that never chips but also uses toxic paint? Didn’t think so. I bought Ava the Melissa & Doug Cutting Food set for her birthday this year. However, the fact still remains that even the toys you are buying because you think they seem more natural, like wooden toys from Melissa & Doug, are being mass produced (under apparently sub-par safety standards) in factories in China. I was excited about having a while bunch of new, wooden toys, but DS is mouthing them a and paint is wearing off in places. We take quality and safety very seriously here at Melissa and Doug.

We had a decent amount of melissa and doug toys, a lot of them chipping i can’t rememebr them all off hand i do remember an abacus,shape sorter/stacker,jacobs ladder. So is plastic safer than wood with lead paint? Plan Toys’ very own Wooden Fire Truck Made in the U.S.A. Author’s Note: I often get asked about Melissa and Doug toys. It’s quite possible to make great quality children’s items in China, which meet all safety regulations, but the key point is that you have to test and inspect very frequently to be sure that your factories are always following your instructions explicitly.

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Health Canada has been busy issuing recalls of wood toys due to excess levels of Barium. These are toys from companies like Melissa & Doug, that concientious safety-minded parents have come to trust. Breaking: Melissa & Doug, Imaginarium toys recalled in Canada appear to violate U. I searched for Melissa & Doug toys on Amazon since I was under the impression that they were one of the safe, natural wooden toy companies that you can trust. Readers, what’s your best source for affordable quality wood toys for infants?. I love Melissa and Doug toys and always have. I get sick of plastic toys and like that they are wood. Also, my kids seem to prefer these more classic toys. A list of safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic, green toys for babies, toddlers and kids. Wooden or cotton toys are often a good alternative. Melissa and Doug manufacture a wide range of baby, toddler and children’s toys from soft baby toys to puzzles and from dollhouses to trains and other vehicles, and even has a good selection of toys that are perfect as party favors. Doug and Melissa Bernstein with two of their children, Nate, 5, and Sydelle, 9. Companies like Haba, which makes blocks and wooden toys from sustainable woods, or Alex, which makes arts and crafts for active fun. Ms. Thompson took in her boss’s comments and explained that, in terms of safety, her group had thought that if it put on a sole that was too sticky, it might catch and cause a child to trip.

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Melissa & Doug Wiggling Worm Toy. Plan Toys Wooden Modern Crib Mobile. The recall includes the following Melissa & Doug painted wooden toys:. A spokesman for Melissa & Doug defended the Connecticut-based company’s safety record and said numerous tests are done on toys before they’re sent to store shelves. Melissa And Doug Toys – Safe For Children Of All Ages. Melissa & Doug toys are great fun and gift for kids of all ages. Safe and non-toxic, whether made of wood, or polyester and phthalate-free plastic, these toys are designed to stimulate and amuse!.

And with all of the safety recalls of toys made in China, you can never be sure what your are bringing home these days. U.S. that make beautiful toys from wood, cloth, metal and other natural, non-toxic, sustainable materials that will last a very long time, and may even become treasured family heirlooms. ImagiPlay, Haba, Melissa and Doug, and Plan Toys can be found in more and more mainstream toy stores these days. I am being deluged with Google searches regarding Melissa & Doug wooden toys and their lead paint content. I called Melissa & Doug again today to double check the status of their claims that their toys genuinely are lead-free. Do you know whether it is safe to give him wooden toys with the possibility that he will put them in his mouth? I know that it is possible they will be chewed up and ruined, but that I can deal with because I got them all for cheap. I am unsure as to if I should let ds play with the Melissa and Doug train with different shaped blocks. Melissa & Doug makes wooden puzzles and craft kits for kids that are bright, colorful and safe. They test their products constantly to make sure they meet or exceed all government requirements.