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What is the difference? I have the chance to pick up a big (18), old metal cutting band saw, really, really cheap. (Less than a new 14 woodcutting band saw). Works fine, current owner does not use it, and just wants it gone. The 28-203 is a wood Bandsaw. I need to cut metal. Are there basic differences to bandsaws that make them wood save or metal save? It couldn’t be as e. I know i can’t with a wood saw blade, but what if i use a blade for steel? or do wood band saws run at too fast a rate? i really want to get a saw, and thought this would be and easier cheaper way.

metal vs wood bandsaw 2We’ve taken all the best features from our vertical wood cutting bandsaws and added variable-speed blade control with two speed ranges to allow this Combination 17 Bandsaw to double up as a wood-cutting and metal-cutting bandsaw. G8145Z 14-1/8 VS Vertical Metal-Cutting Bandsaw with Inverter. Learn how you can save a few dollars by converting your old wood-cutting bandsaw into a metal saw. Cutting metal demands much slower speeds, so a metal bandsaw spins around 100 to 300 fpm. Dodge Vs Ford! I like to use a bandsaw for both of these materials but I only have a small woodcutting saw. The goal here is to build a speed reducing mechanism that will change a wood cutting bandsaw into a metal cutting bandsaw, while maintaining the original function of wood cutting. Twist lock adjustable v belt 6173K37.

The Wood/Metal Vertical Bandsaw is the ultimate in bandsaw flexibility. Cut wood or metal with just one saw. I don’t have a lot to spend wondering what would be of more use: a metal band saw or a chop saw. Another perk is that the only real difference between a wood and metal band-saw is the blade, which is easily changeable. Typically if you run a metal blade on a wood bandsaw the excessive speed (2000 sfpm+) of the wood saw will knock the teeth off of your metal cutting blade in a hurry. You could make it work, but you would have to slow the blade drive wheel way down.

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metal vs wood bandsaw 3Grob Bandsaw coming up in a local auction. Should I dare?:) Probably 3 phase and taller than my garage ceiling, and looks to be 1,000 lbs, also is considered a metal cutting bandsaw, not wood cutting. This bandsaw has been designed as a woodcutting bandsaw with the capability of occasional metal cutting, or vice versa. The VBS18MW is capable of cutting all timbers, or small section ferrous and non-ferrous metals (using the correct blade). Why would I use a scroll saw vs band saw? What is the difference? What do they do? These are great questions. Scroll saws are often found in serious woodworker workshops, and if you’ve ever taken a wood shop class, you’ve probably used one. Many times a scroll saw is what is used to create those cool jigsaw puzzles, and small sculptures you see in craft stores. Small to large, horizontal or vertical, metalcutting bandsaws use either Carbon Tool Steel or Bimetal bandsaw blades. Solids vs. Structural Shapes: It is simpler to determine the correct tooth pattern for solids than for structural shapes. SPECIFICATIONS; Motor – 1HP, 115V, 1PH, 14A, 1,720 RPM – V belt drive (8′ power cord and plug included). A bandsaw is a power tool which uses a blade consisting of a continuous band of metal with teeth along one edge to cut various workpieces. The band usually rides on two wheels rotating in the same plane, although some bandsaws may have three or four wheels. Bandsawing produces uniform cutting action as a result of an evenly distributed tooth load. Bandsaws are used for woodworking, metalworking, or for cutting a variety of other materials.

Metal Fabrication Bandsaw Vs Wood Cutting Bandsaw

Metal or Wood Bandsaw Model WX453 0 Sold by S.E.G. S.E.G Bandsaw Blades Metal or Wood Bandsaw 189 Model WX454. My grandfather did a lot of very fine woodwork — the man was an expert. We inherited a bandsaw and some blades a while back and we replaced the blade (a wood blade) with a blade that appears to be a metal blade. I am in need of a metal cutting band saw to cut various non ferrous and ferrous metals, but having a very small shop my. For metal cutting it has a speed reduction gear box and it requires a different length belt for steel versus wood. Band saw blades come in a variety of widths, tooth design, materials, and configurations. Choosing A Correct Width. Hook tooth blades are commonly used for long cuts into thicker wood, hardwood, plastic and metal. Variable Pitch blades have alternating sets of different size teeth to provide both a fast but smooth finish cut and are often used in joinery and for cutting curves. Stress is also placed on the motor, shaft V-belt and drive pulleys. So when you’re done cutting for the day, always detension the blade.