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Mazda originally sold black door pulls on both the tan and red Miata doors. I choose to do the same. So I was looking to add a little character to the otherwise boring door card so I was thinking of taking off the factory armrest/doorhandle and. Dimensioned to exact fit, custom made from 5 mm automotive leather, with rustproof eyelet and decorative backplate as expected in convertible, this door pull. 1x leather strap; 2x offset shims; 2x screw cap shims; 2x screw caps.

miata door pull straps 2Product from JAPAN made by NAKAMAE. Leather straps replace your door handles to provide a retro, race-inspired look. Nakamae parts are known for their perfect fitting as well as color matching interior and retro interior styling. Static Nine is now offering RetroModern’s modular door pulls for the retro enthusiasts. Pat, the leather straps are no longer available as an option. Sorry. Up for sale is a brand new PAIR of aluminum door panels for the NA chassis Mazda Miata!

Mazda originally sold black door pulls on both the tan and red Miata doors. 1997 Mazda MX-5 Miata: Needs A Pull Strap. August 26, 2011. 1990-1997 Miata 1999-2005 Miata 2006-2015 Miata/MX5 2016 Miata/MX5 Gift Certificates Order By Part Subscribe to our E-News Request a Catalog About Us Contact Us How to Use This Site Order and Shipping Info Terms/Privacy/Security 1990-1997 Miata Items: 0 Subtotal: 0. These door pulls by Jass Performance bring race-inspired parts to your Miata’s interior and vintage M logo style. Jass aluminum pieces and leather straps are very high quality.

Nakamae Classic Leather Door Pulls For Miata Mx-5

A few people asked if I could make them some door pull straps like the ones I fitted to my car when I decided to delete the arm rest and reupholster. FYI, all my parts are made to order by me in what spare time I can scrounge in between working on my Miata, the race bike, my band, chasing women, and my real job. Mazda Miata NA Miata Door Panels 1990-1997. Mazda Miata Custom Door Pull Leather Upholstery Covers by RedLineGoods 1994-1997. Guys, buy his door panels and some Miata door hands. The flat face edition caps are for customers who want a more subtle look for their interior. Note: Pull straps are not included. Post subject: NAKAMAE Doors Panels & Door Pull Straps! Net City: Chiba City Name: Randy Model Year: 1993 Just got these in the mail from Japan, they look great, and now i can put those bulky door arm rests in storage, and swap them for some pull lightweight & sexy straps! PhatMiata Post subject: NAKAMAE Doors Panels & Door Pull Straps!!!. The best selection of Mazda MX-5 Miata Tow Hooks, Straps, and Shields parts and accessories. Equipped with a rigid and rugged design for heavy duty pulls and an initial 15-foot drum coverage rope that is rated to. Miata Distributor & Accessories Mazda MX-5 Miata Door & Body Guards.

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Why These Handles Are Awesome: It seemed like every other response was extolling the beauty of the first-gen Miata door handle. Remove the door pull from the door panel but unscrewing it, should come off easily. Why not simply have removed the door pull and attach a closing strap suitably braced on the trim in such a location that when the car is sold the door pull can be refitted. Any ideas for off-the-shelf solution would be appreciated by all the Tall Guy Miata lovers world wide!