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Tablet Magazine – A New Read on Jewish Life. On Tablet’s Server Outages. After Tablet report, writer resigns from New Yorker and publisher halts sales of his book, Imagine. Michael Moynihan does not feel good today, after writing the story that forced Jonah Lehrer to quit his job at The New Yorker and admit he had made up Bob Dylan quotations. Moynihan described in a story published in Tablet magazine how he sought to confirm seven Dylan quotations in Lehrer’s book Imagine: How Creativity Works. Michael C. Moynihan says he’s uncovered something worse than Lehrer recycling his own material for New Yorker blog posts, which came to light in June. Moynihan, a Tablet magazine contributor, explains how he discovered the fabrication:.

michael c. moynihan tablet magazine 2The NYObserver has an interview with Michael C. Moynihan, the guy who brought down Jonah Lehrer. Fabricated Bob Dylan Quotes in His New Book, Imagine Tablet Magazine. Wow. CreateExperiences(); From his Wiki page: Michael C. Moynihan is an American journalist and managing editor of Vice magazine. On July 30, 2012, a Moynihan article appeared in Tablet Magazine showing evidence that New Yorker writer Jonah Lehrer had fabricated Bob Dylan quotations, led to Lehrer’s resignation.

Self-described Dylan obsessive and writer for Tablet Magazine Michael C. Moynihan puzzled over the origin of some of the Dylan quotes in Lehrer’s book, quotes like, ‘It’s a hard thing to describe,’ Bob Dylan once mused about the creative process. Today, Tablet writer Michael Moynihan, who uncovered the Dylan issues, said Blair is right, based on only a quick look at more of Lehrer’s writing:. An article in Tablet magazine revealed that in his best-selling book, Imagine: How Creativity Works, Mr. Lehrer might have kept his job at The New Yorker if not for the Tablet article, by Michael C. Moynihan, a journalist who is something of an authority on Mr.

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Now, Michael C. Moynihan, a writer for the Jewish magazine Tablet, revealed that Lehrer concocted Bob Dylan quotes and later lied to Moynihan because he panicked. The Tablet story, by reporter Michael C. Moynihan, puts to rest the notion that Lehrer’s most egregious literary sins were a matter of the inaptly titled self-plagiarism. Following that episode, the New Yorker got busy, reviewing all the work that Lehrer had written for the magazine. Michael C. Moynihan, an admitted Dylan obsessive and writer for Tablet Magazine, wondered about the origin of this and other Dylan quotes in the book. A journalist for Tablet Magazine, Michael C. Moynihan, was the first to question the Dylan quotes. As Moynihan explains in a piece today, he is a huge Dylan fan and some of the quotes sounded suspect. Then Tablet magazine’s Michael C. Moynihan revealed that several Bob Dylan quotes in Lehrer’s best-selling book, Imagine: How Creativity Works, were either made up or distorted.

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