Micro Adjuster Woodworking Sample Plans PDF

A key feature of the Micro Adjuster is that the user can make adjustments from either side of the table fence. Here’s my shop-made version of a micro-adjustment jig for use as a router-table fence. If you like this project, please check out more than 1,000 shop-proven paper and downloadable woodworking project plans in the WOOD Store. Yet upon noticing a handy-looking router table fence micro adjuster in a catalog, I was tempted. So how do I accurately adjust my router table fence? The answer is: as directly as possible, preferring consistency over absolute measurements, and using one-sided tolerance woodworking techniques which are easily compensated.

micro adjuster woodworking 2Micro-Adjust Your Router Table Fence. So I built the micro-adjuster you see in the photo above using spare parts I had around the shop. I was going through a shop project list that I made awhile back and on my list I had a homemade Micro Adjuster for a router table fence. Kreg Precision Micro-Adjuster – Kreg Tools & Jigs sold at Highland Woodworking, authorized Kreg Tool Dealer.

Well a while back I posted a Table Saw Fence Micro Adjuster. I suppose with everything else I was doing I never got around to adapting it for the router table. Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has developed a magnetic micro adjuster that is easy to use and can be moved from tool to tool as needed. So here’s a surefire way to drive a woodworker crazy.

Woodsmith Tip: Micro-adjust Your Router Table Fence

micro adjuster woodworking 3I ran across a DIY fence micro adjuster on Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement magazine while surfing the web last week. The micro-height adjuster is for use with MATCHMAKER& 153; 95-201, the patented tool that uses templates and a router to make or duplicate nearly any woodworking joint, quickly and accurately: Adds precise height adjustment control. Kreg’s Micro Adjuster allows fine; controlled adjustment of the fence position inbetween cuts. Suits Kreg Precision Bandsaw Fence (KR-KM7200) & Kreg Precision Router Table (KR-PRS1040). The Kreg Micro-Adjuster for Band Saw Fences allows you to dial-in precise adjustments easily with one hand. It features a ribbed dial, which is easy to grip with just one hand or thumb, and a black plastic fixing knob to easily lock the adjustment. Use the Kreg Precision Micro-Adjuster to dial in very precise fence positions – down to 0.005! Simply set the cursor close to the desired cut, lock down the micro-adjuster knob, and fine-tune the cut by rolling the thumb wheel.

Routing Micro Adjustment For A Router Table Fence