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Most home buyers believe a bedroom should have a door, a closet, a window, a second legal egress and should fit at least a twin size bed. Would buyers consider a room as a bedroom if there is no closet? I am not sure what IRC says about closets in terms of minimum size, but I would say if a closet was tiny, that could be an issue. What is the minimum size a closet needs to be in a room inorder for it to be considered a bedroom? Find answers to this and many other questions on Trulia Voices, a community for you to find and share local information.

minimum bedroom closet size 2While planning on adding some cloths storage space you should consider not only the bedroom allowances and style, but minimum depth of the closet. Typically a 24 inches deep closet will accommodate easily most of the cloths hanged on standard hangers. Find out the essential walk in closet dimensions to help with your closet design. This page on bedroom dimensions will also come in useful. If you want to get dressed in your walk-in closet you’ll need a minimum space of 4 x 3ft (1.2 x 0. Wondering what is considered the bare minimum closet depth. The GC (followed by the DC inspector) explained that a bedroom needs a closet, and there is no minimum size required for a closet.

What are the standard sizes of closets for a house about 1800 SQF. Is thier such thing as a minimum standard for a hallway ‘linen’ closet. Bedroom closets, including walk-ins, require a minimum amount of width and depth to be efficient and practical. Design dimensions for laying out a closet. A rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 48 inches or 4 feet of rod length per person who uses the closet. The largest walk-ins can be as a big as a bedroom with all the space you would need to move around, change your cloths, sit down and put on your shoes as well as fixing your makeup and hair.

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minimum bedroom closet size 3I am trying to buy a condo which doesn’t have clothes closets in the master bedroom. I want to minimize the depth of the closets I build because the room is small and there are restrictions because of the placement of windows. Defining a legal bedroom may seem simple, but despite clear building codes the process is wrought with grey areas. Single-occupancy sleeping areas must meet the following minimum size requirements:. Within the DC area, there are no legal requirements that a bedroom must have a closet. Everyone knows that you need a closet in a bedroom to call it a bedroom, right? Proper Egress – the requirements for this are long and complicated, and depend on when the building was built and when the last windows were installed. It had a tiny closet (think coat closet here), and a rather nice full bath But, no door. To be a bedroom it has to have minimum standards as to size, ceiling height, natural light, and egress. If there’s no closet, then it is a den, library, bonus room, man cave, or any other innovative name you may choose to call it but not a bedroom. There are also minimum size requirements for a bedroom to be defined as a habitable room. And provide plenty of closet space. Although the minimum bedroom size required is only 80 square feet, allow about 125 square feet to comfortably fit a double bed.

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The more complicated answer is that size requirements vary according to when the building was built or converted, in which zoning district it s located, and even how many bedrooms the apartment, condo, co-op, condop or townhouse contains. Many brokers and leasing agents suggest that a bedroom must also include a closet if it’s to be considered legal, but the NYC building code does not include such a requirement. The exact height, width, and depth requirements are attached with illustrations from the Des Moines City Planning Building and Public Works department which directly correlates with the information found in the IBC and the ICC. However, if the room does not have an egress window that meets the IBC or ICC dimensions and a closet, it is likely not to be considered a bedroom and therefore should not be listed as one. A closet is not a requirement to satisfy the building code, but it may be a HUD requirement for financing, as another agent mentioned. Minimum Habitable room size (includes bedrooms) is 70 SF, 7 minimum width (2007 CBC SEC 1208. Underbed storage, in particular, is a boon to a room with limited closet space.

What’s the minimal size required for the furnace closet and access limitation? 3. Is there any issue placing a furnace in a bedroom closet?