Modern Sideboard Against Infect Sample Plans PDF

It was the first deck I played in Modern, the first deck I built on MTGO, and the first Modern deck that proved to me how awesome Modern was going to be (rock on, Blazing Shoal!). Sideboarding Against Infect. While easier to sideboard against, they will be far more deadly if you underprepare for them or otherwise underestimate them. The popular answer to Infect decks seems to be Spellskite, but their decks seem fully prepared to answer. I would like to open discussion on sideboarding against Infect as any color, but specific advice for the Tron matchup would be especially appreciated!. I don’t have much experience with Modern infect, but from what I remember in the scar/inn standard they tend to put everything into a single creature.

modern sideboard against infect 2Subreddit Rules. This subreddit is for players of any level of experience to discuss any topics regarding the Modern format, whether it is decks that pro’s have been winning with, metagame discussion, card discussion, or home brews. A couple of GB Infect lists have been popping up on MTGO after Chris Fennel won the MOCS. Corpse Cur in the sideboard seems very interesting, allowing you to return Crusader and grind out midrange matchups. This here is a list of the most effective modern sideboard staples. I think players would rather just use Negate since that is also very useful against infect and tron.

It’s also widely known that Spellskite is a great card against many decks in the format, from Splinter Twin variants to the Slippery Bogle deck. I was sideboarding Virridian Corrupter in almost every matchup. In general Affinity has 50/50 or better matchups across the board because it wins most of its Game 1s and will win easily against anyone who doesn’t pack an adequate amount of Affinity hate in their sideboards. RG Tron is the deck I have the most experience with in Modern, so that’s the one we’ll use. Spellskite is great or useful against Affinity, Burn, RG Tron, Infect, Zoo and Scapeshift, which is 45 of the meta.

Sideboard Against Infect?

modern sideboard against infect 3The Card Every Modern Sideboard Should Have. You can test all day long against Affinity, Junk, and Amulet of Vigor, just to play in a Daily event and lose to American Control and Tron. (decks like Burn, Bogles, or Infect) your Spellskite will prove itself to be an all-star. Bloom Titan is straight up abysmal against Infect. They have a faster combo and aside from a one of Slaughter Pact or hoping to block, the Bloom player has no way to disrupt them. But Joe, shouldn’t you just build decks that have a side-board against infect? Sure, if I can have more than 15 cards in my sideboard. Melira: Best SB card against Infect. Nature’s Claim: Extremely versatile and works in many matchups. Does not work against Chalice of the Void (it just gets countered) Pithing Needle: You need a plan for this if you are going to use it. Round 12: Frank Karsten (Affinity) vs. Top-ranked Owen Turtenwald and Hall of Famer Frank Karsten entered the round at 8-3, and both needed a win to keep their dreams of making a perfect run through the Modern rounds to a Top 8 berth alive. Both players had access to sideboard cards now, and that meant that Turtenwald had artifact destruction, while Karsten had Ghirapur ther Grid and Spellskite. I made this deck in hopes of fighting off the infect decks I come in contact with way too often. Sideboard (4 cards). Since you are playing a few life gain spells and you’re going up against an infect deck, its likely that you’ll have more life than your opponent, in which case, soul conduit isn’t really doing much.

The Card Every Modern Sideboard Should Have

If you’re going into battle against infect or Twin without a Spellskite, you’re probably a silly bear. We played Infect at the last Modern PT and the deck did great. It even frees up a sideboard slot, as you want 2 of these after sideboard in a lot of matchups, mainly to have more defense against said Spellskite. For the purpose of covering as many variations of your main deck and sideboard as possible, I am using an aggregate deck list, which has more than 75 cards, but contains pretty much everything that is commonly played in the archetype. Join us for week eight of the Modern Gauntlet of Greatness! This week we have Living End vs. Sideboard: (15)1 Beast Within1 Obstinate Baloth4 Ingot Chewer3 Ricochet Trap1 Gnaw to the Bone2 Brindle Boar3 Slaughter Games.

When Modern gets you down, what better way to relax than setting the world on fire? I played a ton of games with this deck in order to refine this list and I was doing quite well against established tier 1 decks such as Affinity, Jund, and Infect. The last thing I want to touch on with Burn is the sideboard. Bogles, Zoo, and Affinity can all struggle against Lingering Souls. While each deck has the necessary tools to defeat those pesky spirit tokens, they are just not the cards you want to see or even sideboard in most matchups. In the current Modern metagame, Infect seems poised to do well. It’s my Modern deck of choice, and I have to rewrite my One Deck, Three Formats article sometime in the near future. Sideboard (15). Playing against infect, if I see red and there’s 2 mana ever available, I assume the Blood side of Flesh // Blood is coming in hot!. These cards are common sideboard cards used in UG Infect decks. Curious about the win percentage of various Modern decks? For example, Infect is a scant 32 against Grixis Control. Being aware of and avoiding any common mistakes will be crucial in this matchup, and developing sideboard technology will help you salvage a poor matchup against a relatively popular deck.