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Quality Importers Scottsdale Glass-Top End Table Humidor (300 Cigars). 847.99. Quality Importers Montegue Cabinet End Table Humidor (1500 Cigars). The ultimate end table humidor.A pictures does not do the Montegue justice because it s hard to believe this thing can store 1,500 cigars.

montague cabinet end table humidor 2I’m trying to get my wife to let me buy an end table humidor, but not sure what to even get. You can see the cabinet by using a search, most online retailers carry it. I have the Montague as well and have been very happy with it. The Lauderdale End Table Humidor includes a pull-out drawer on metal slide with one divider and a raised panel door with lock and key. Fully lined with kiln-dried Spanish cedar, the Montague End Table humidor can store up to 1,500 of your most treasured cigars. Optimizing your storage experience is SureSeal Technology, two interior A/C outlets for electronic humidification, and a large pull-out drawer for organized, top-shelf storage.

I’m trying to get my wife to let me buy an end table humidor, but not sure what to even get. I would love to eventually get a custom cabinet made move from black leather and chrome/steel/aluminum to tobacco leather and wood one day. I have the Montague End Table and it holds 1,500. Go ahead and get you an Indulgence Table Humidor. When it’s full, get another one and when it’s full, sell them and get a cabinet. Opus sets sitting here on a table waiting on my new Montague End Table (1,500) humidor that should be here by Tuesday. I have gun cabinet that the door is broke that I thought that I could use as a shell and buy the cedar to line it. Sounds like less capacity than the Montague, so if you need room for 1000 cigars vs. I have that end table cabinet and for the money it is a very respectable piece.

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Archive Santiano cigar cabinet Accessory Discussion / Reviews. I personaly have the Montegue end table humidor which I have found to be great. Due to my recent sickness (cbidaholic) I need a new humidor. I’m looking for something that will hold roughly 300 singles and 20 boxes. I’d prefer something in the end-table style. I’d also like to spend less than 400 if at all possible. Matt has also started on some mini cabinets. I have an end table cabinet humidor from, I really don’t care for it, have been disappointed with it since I rec’d it forever ago,. I love the look of the Montague but no slide out shelves and non-familiarity make me less than comfy. Cuban Crafters Wine and Cigars Cabinet Humidor End Table Humidor. He meets many adventures by the way, nd at the end, the earth spirit Maya or Ccbele. Humidor Smoking Stand This is a. nicely finished Mahogany finished fcTltK the coming of the cold, snowy, wintry wether, the real &tnd to look to, the one that will help to keep you In good kealth, is the Firestone Iita Osdter. Vintage Montague Bamboo 8′ 3 pc Fly Rod marked 3P. Cobalt Blue Liner, Vintage Fishing Lures, Bamboo Fly Poles, Cigar Humidor, ANTIQUE FURNITURE ( NOTE: Most of these pieces are complete but need restoring) Tiger Striped Oak Drawer and Filing Cabinets from Legal Office, Oak Secretary marked Colorado Springs Furniture Mfg. Oak Commode, Wicker Chair, 4 Chairs, Drop Leaf Table, 3 Dressers, Buffett End Table, Several Mirrors. Room Set including; Large Table with 2 leaves, 6 Chairs, and China Cabinet.

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