Montessori Bedroom For Newborn Sample Plans PDF

I’ve been asked a number of times for recommendations for Montessori rooms and floor beds for babies. Here’s a post I wrote about what we did in our own home:. Are Montessori Floor Beds Bad For Your Baby or Toddler’s Sleep? Montessori parents typically keep their babies in a bassinet or Moses basket during the newborn stage, but starting as early as 2 months or so, they transition to a floor bed. Rather than mourning his old room, I had the opportunity to create a new room, a room catered to a toddler rather than a newborn. Let’s all be honest for a second, a toddler’s needs are much different from an infants.

montessori bedroom for newborn 2Newborn sleep patterns are shaped by the length of time it takes them to feed, digest and become hungry again. When her bedroom is filled only with safe objects and furniture, I would let her see you removing the cot and replacing it with the floor bed. Of course, leaving your infant alone in a room overnight with no physical boundary means that the entire room must be childproof. When the time comes for babies to move to their own beds, you have a couple of choices. Dr. Montessori advocated a floor bed that babies would be able to get into and out of on their own.

A full rundown of our Montessori floor bed experience. During my pregnancy I read quite a lot about the Montessori educational philosophy, especially as applied to babies. Perhaps the most important thing that makes Montessori Montessori is the idea of Prepared Environment, which is to say that a lot of intentional thought is given to a baby s environment especially in two ways: freedom of movement and everything child-sized. It has changed a bit since she was a newborn; since she is continually growing and developing so too are her needs and her interests. Montessori children’s rooms really appeal to me.

At Home With Montessori: Sleeping

montessori bedroom for newborn 3We want to foster independence and allow for movement within the room. Montessori from the Start; The Child at Home, from Birth to Age Three. By Paula Polk Lillard, Lynn Lillard Jessen. Let us consider, then, the newborn’s bedroom. What do we typically find there? There is a crib, a changing table, perhaps a rocking chair for the adult. Preparing the Home to Welcome the Newborn As you go through the process of preparing baby’s room before birth, lie down on the floor in the middle of the room and look around, listen. It was comfortable for him to have his own space in which to move and stretch out (yes, newborns move) and yet it was next to our bed so I could nurse him as soon as he requested it and he could hear our breathing. Before Samson was born, I had never heard of the Montessori Method. In fact, I was actually surprised when my darling sister-in-law (who graduated from the same University I did) and my dear friend (who is a grief counselor for children) had both heard of the method and I hadn’t! What?! It seems that I missed out on learning about the various methodologies in early childhood since my degree was for the upper elementary to middle school age group. Where did we start when creating Beau’s (Tiny) room.

Our Montessori Floor Bed Experience

In his bedroom we have installed a low wall mirror. Underneath the mirror is a soft blanket to create his movement area. We are choosing to keep him in our room for this transition. I know someone who has a toddler with a Montessori room, and she’s putting her newborn in there as well, with a floor bed. It seems disastrous to have a two year old bunk up with an infant who is essentially sleeping on a floor mattress. In a Montessori infant environment a floor bed is typically used. You can see some really beautiful examples of an infant floor beds on my Montessori Home Pinterest Board.

Like I said in my post Top 10 Newborn Sleep Tips, laying your baby down awake but drowsy can be kind of tricky sometimes trying to get the timing down and catching your baby’s optimal sleep window. Another nice Montessori-inspired post on helping create a nice bedroom environment.