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Mosin Nagant Stock for Sale – Buy a Mosin Nagant Stock Online. Mosin Nagant stocks are for sale every day at You can buy these rifle stocks through one of the many sellers listing their products here at GunBroker. Custom, Factory, and Tactical Mosin Nagant Aftermarket stock Reviews. The wooden factory stock is what gives the rifle its solid, tough look. I recently decided to start a gun collection and I started with a mosin nagant 91/30. I’m not sure why people will paint wood stocks rather than spend 10 or 15 bucks extra and stain and seal it properly? Also, nail polish on metal parts? Its a good thing that Nagants are a dime a dozen or this could have been a costly mistake! /p.

mosin nagant wood stock 2Find the best ATI, Archangel and other custom mosin nagant replacement stocks currently for sale. We review wood, thumbhole, synthetic and laminated stocks. ProMag Archangel Manufacturing Mosin Nagant Conversion Stock, with 5 r. Original Finnish M/28-30 Mosin Nagant wood handguard, New Old Stock (N. Next generation, fully adjustable stock for all variations of the Mosin Nagant rifle. Drop-in fit no matter if your Mosin Nagant is Russian, Czech,.

Mosin Nagant Wood Stock 91/30 in Collectibles, Militaria, WW II (1939-45) eBay. Mosin Nagant Stock parts: M44 / T53 Original Hand Guard. 20.00. Mosin-Nagant Bent Bolts and Gunstocks, Custom Gunsmithing, Cerakote Gun-Kote and Hydrographics. 1450 Yards with an m28/76 in a customized prototype big gorilla gunworks stock.

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Original Russian Model 1891/30 Mosin Nagant Stock Sets. Perfect for spare parts, repair of a damaged rifle, refinishing project or however you want to use it! The Mosin Nagant stock is made from wood, covered in lacquer. This wood quality can vary from country to country and vary even more between how the rifle was treated through its long life. These are original and unissued Mosin-Nagant Rifle stocks with laminated wood construction. We estimate that they were made in the early 50’s by Izhmash. Now aren’t the Romanian Mosin stocks a different type of wood? The ones i have seen seem totally unique unto themselves. After buying so many Mosin Nagant rifles over the years, I’ve grown a fondness for their no-nonsense approach. Bolt action, simple wood stocks, nothing really. We also have the Bipod Kit for the Archangel Mosin Nagant stock, see this at tickbitesupply Features: -Carbon fiber construction, light and sttrong -Drop in easy installation -Barrel can be free floated or tensionedd -Adjustible cheek and length of pull STK-AA9130G Archangel Mosin Stock OD Green 159. Great sling for your Mosin Nagant rifles with wood stocks.

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794394 The Boyds’ Classic stock delivers many design elements of a classic style wood stock to make an elegant and user friendly aftermarket. Some people remove the recoil bolts before refinishing the stock. Other people (including myself) just work around the bolts. I suspect the cosmoline had saturated deep into the wood. I sprayed it down with some commercial de-greaser, let it soak for a minute then rinsed with rubbing alcohol. I’m not a big fan of synthetic stocks and much prefer the look and feel of wood over plastic. So why doing a search for wood stocks I came across this website. These are original Russian surplus M44 Mosin Nagant rifles in 7.62x54R caliber. Overall nice very good condition, arsenal refinished, with dark but shootable bores, some with counterbore, nice blued finish, and solid wood stock.