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Moss window boxes and hanging baskets are created by the hand-weaving of preserved material onto a wire frame. This process creates a moss window box that feels organic, earthy, and like the ideal home for your favorite plant and flower arrangements. Find great deals on eBay for Window Box Liner in Plant Basket Liners. Case of 4 Deer Park WB117 Small Imperial Window Box with Cocoa Moss Liner. has a large selection window boxes and other high quality, eco-friendly, small space garden supplies for container gardening. You can also use coco-fiber liners in place of sphagnum moss.

moss window box liners 2Coconut fiber-lined window boxes are a popular alternative to moss-lined window boxes. Not only do coconut fiber liners display equally beautiful natural tones, they are much more durable than moss liners. Coconut liners for hanging baskets, window baskets, and wall baskets, Bulk available, Free Shipping available. Window Box, Trough & Hayrack Liners. Learn how to plant and create moss or coco-fiber hanging baskets, a how-to guide. This year I was going to purchase all new boxes, but now i’m going to redo all of my coco planters with plastic liners as you suggested and replant.

Deer Park Ironworks French Window Box with Coco Liner. We have planter liners for hayrack planters, coco liners for hanging baskets, and sphagnum moss liners for iron flower baskets including green moss filler. Purchase wrought iron window boxes and large iron planters at affordable prices! If you are plant and flower lover you just can’t miss the beauty of their growing creations. Sphagnum moss liner hanging basket with super hanger 14 diameter.

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outdoor play sets swing set 3What’s the best material to use: shaped moss, burlap, wood, clay? Hanging baskets and window boxes that use these kinds of liners and get lots of sun often needed to be watered more than once a day a chore that quickly gets tedious and makes even a weekend getaway in the summer an exciting horticultural adventure. Includes form-fitted coco liner.Interchangeable hardware allows for window boxes to be mounted on deck rails, iron railing or flat surfaces.Measures 30-inch length by 9-inch height by 8-inch depth. Magnimoist window Basket Liner. That’s a guarantee you can’t get with imported coco or moss liners. If a window box liner is used (a plastic or metal container that is inserted in the box), both the liner and box will need drainage holes. However, I do use them to line woven baskets and hanging containers with fiber or moss sides. A window box garden is a lovely and simple approach to gardening. There are three approaches to planting–plant directly into the box, plant in removable liners that go inside the box, or place individual potted plants down into peat moss in the box. Boxes and liners should have drainage holes in the bottom.

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There are unlimited options for planting a window box, and this can be daunting for many people. I purchased a pretty wire window hanger, and added one of the moss-type liners to it. Today we’re gonna talk about planting yer very own window box or container garden. I used a plastic liner in the bottom of my boxes, but you could also line it with a plastic wrap. Look for these ingredients when purchasing potting soil; perlite, vermiculite, lime, and peat moss.