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That all those hours can be either be spent sitting comfortably. So the first chair I’ll show you is the coolest, most high-tech chair of the last 20 years: the Herman Miller Aeron. The Pick n Glider Musicians’ Chair is one of the only chairs in existence designed SPECIFICALLY for guitar playing. Hi everyone) What do you think, what is the most ergonomic and comfortable way to play the electric guitar sitting down? (just for you, of course). Playing while sitting on a crummy chair, or worse, a couch, can & does lead to bad hand position & poor results. What’s the most comfortable chair/stool that you’ve used for extended timeframes? Same here, I really liked playing sitting on my bed.

most comfortable chair for playing guitar 2Hey Jase. You play your guitar in that chair? I bought a nice comfortable office chair similar to that, then discovered it ain’t exactly great for playing the guitar. But as soon as I seat on my chair and start to play. The most comfortable guitar playing position for me is standing against a stool with the guitar strapped on. I mean one that spins and rolls etc. But I absolutely must get one without arm rests so that I can sit and play guitar comfortably when at the desk.

Play in a straight back chair with no arm supports. It’s the most comfortable chair I’ve found for my particular problems and it took me years to figure it out, but when I did, it was heaven. Most comfortable music seat ever. He is in love with his new chair and says he can comfortably play his guitar for hours without the pain and strain he felt before. SoundSeat stools and chairs for drummers, keyboard players, guitarists, sound technicians. It’s not the exact same feeling or playing position as a classical guitar player with a foot rest on the floor but it’s very comfortable and may be the perfect solution for most players needing one. In my case the guitar sits on my left leg when I play so I reversed the footrest by loosening the bolt and flipping it over.

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Play in comfort in Brian Boggs Chairmakers’ unique and specially-designed Sonus guitar chair. Well, at the end i think that the most comfortable chair is that one without armrests. They are typically 24 or 30 high, I’m 6’1, have the 24 version and have my left leg on the floor and my right leg up on the bar to rest my guitar on. Find a comfortable chair that allows you to hold and play your guitar properly. You can play most pop, country, and rock songs on a few basic first-position chords. The first thing you need for your ultimate playing position is the ultimate chair. Many people just grab a chair and go for it. This is where the most comfort and economy of energy reside. Something that is so comfortable that I won’t need to lie down in bed just to relax. Im hoping for some sort of computer chair as I play in front of my computer alot, only problem with the chair I have now is that the arm rests are not detachable. Use a hard chair or dedicated chair to play the guitar, do not use cushion chair that has thick fur. If you are a beginner, it is best that you follow the correct posture, create one standard form for your hands, and later you can find the most comfortable sitting posture for yourself.

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The audience silently waits as you play the first note. The Original Guitar Chair also has a very comfortable cushioned seat and back and it folds for easy transport. Nonetheless, for the vast majority it remains the most comfortable posltlon. Use a chair with a firm base that has no elbow rests as these will get in the way of your guitar. When we talk about comfort in the context of classical guitar playing we are talking about a relaxed and straight back, an open chest that allows the musician to breathe freely and deeply and a sitting position that allows for free and easy arm movements. People of average height generally find the footstool most comfortable when it is about 6 inches high. Moving from quiet and melancholic to bouncy & knock out powerful, his music crosses all genres, but is most comfortable sitting in his chair of cruisy optimism. This is a guy who has been playing guitar since the age of five, has spent years passing his skills and musical knowledge on to others, and definitely knows how to operate all sections of his brain whilst complementing his guitar work with a rockin’ stomp-box and passionate vocals.