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1 Murphy Bed Retailer in America! Custom closets, designed by our local team of experts, are guaranteed to save you time and make you more space and are built to accommodate your wardrobe. With custom closets, you don’t have to give up any of your existing clothes or accessories and you’ll even make room for more. Closet Works serves the Chicago area offering unique designs with wall beds and Murphy style beds to create efficient spaces that do double duty as office and guest room. Learn more about Wilding Wallbeds affordable Murphy Bed Frame. This closet murphybed works great with a tight budget and folds away into your closet or niche.

murphy bed closet 2Murphy bed with a twist. Rather than folding down over empty space, this Murphy bed was designed to fit perfectly over a sofa, so no furniture shifting is needed at bedtime. Just flip down the back cushions of the sofa, lower the bed and voil! Whether you call it a Murphy bed or a wall bed, these folding sleeping quarters are great for small spaces. While there are plenty of options for wall beds out there, many of them look cheap or old fashioned. A wall bed is an efficient way to maximize space whether it’s in a small room, home or apartment. With attached shelves, drawers or table, wall beds can greatly increase the amount of space in a small dwelling.

The Trendiest Space: Murphy Beds and Wall Beds. Murphy Beds and Wall Beds are the trendiest thing in home organization! Perfect for those strapped for space, Murphy Beds from Saint Louis Closet Co. are available in either Queen- or Twin-size and fold easily against the wall when not being used. A Closet America custom Murphy bed can transform your study, home office, game room or just about any space into an inviting sleeping area for guests. Or, install a Murphy bed in a tiny studio to instantly create more living space. Simply fold down the Murphy bed when you need it, and fold it away into the handsome wood paneled wall when you need more space. Wall beds or Murphy beds are a perfect solution for a seldom used bedroom to function daily as an office, craft room, exercise room or any other use.

Murphy Beds

Classy Closets offers you a top of the line SICO Murphy bed in San Diego. When in the up position, the wall-bed helps create space that would otherwise be lost if using a traditional bed. Classy Closets offers the SICO euro system wall-bed in Twin, double (full) and queen sizes. Maximize your space. Choose from several styles of modern murphy beds to add multi-functionality to your sleeping quarters. Wall bed systems by Closet Tec are custom made to fit the style of your Sarasota home. Open up your home like never before with SICO and Murphy style wall beds from Closet Tec. All our murphy beds are customized to your preference & can accompany space saving storage, making it ideal for condos, offices, hotels & basements. Murphy beds, also known as pull-down beds or fold-down beds, are a great option if you want one spare bedroom to function as many. Everyone wants more living space and what better way than by getting the bed out of the middle of the room and standing it up against the wall. Wall beds are custom built on location using an official Murphy Wall Bed hardware kit with your choice of melamine color or wood grain.

Murphy Beds

Murphy beds give you a lot of options. When not in use, a Murphy bed can fold up conveniently against the wall, creating open space for everyday living.