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Multifunctional, transforming furniture from Resource Furniture makes every square foot work harder. Wall Beds: Made in Italy by Clei, our collection of 60+ wall bed systems effortlessly transform from one use to another, allowing a single space to perform multiple functions. Innovative Bed Systems in Airdrie, Alberta provides wall beds, sofa beds, closet storage systems and home offices designed to help maximize the use of space in. Superior WallBeds has been providing murphy beds, desk beds, library beds since 2006. Save room, maximize space with Calgary’s best Desk Bed systems.

murphy bed systems 2By the early 1900’s, William L. Murphy’s idea was patented and the Murphy bed went into mass production. The Murphy Bed system remains a separate unit from the cabinets today. The authorized authentic Murphy Bed dealer for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. There is no need to bolt our system to the floor like the old fashioned systems that ruin your floor and leave expensive repairs if moved. Beds off the Wall manufactures the best Murphy Wall Beds and Cabinetry in Ontario. Your wall-bed system will be designed to look great for many years to come.

We specialize in Folding Bed Systems. Custom Wall Beds and Wall Beds Alberta are the longest existing and only Genuine Murphy Bed dealer in Alberta. Ron McKey, Founder and President of FlyingBeds International, Inc., is fired up about the new Italian Murphy Bed systems from Italy. Just introduced two weeks ago at the Milan show, after a year of testing, this is the hottest new Murphy Bed in the world. Get the best of both worlds: extra space and top notch quality with our beautiful designs. You won’t find a murphy sized bed like this anywhere else.

Murphy Beds

Transforming Queen Wall Bed Systems (or Murphy Beds) from Resource Furniture maximize every square foot in any space. By day, these wall bed systems feature comfortable sofas, desks, tables or shelving systems: at night, they seamlessly transform into fine, European queen beds.

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