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Its Get Woodworking Week and time to think about the things that encourage others to get started with woodworking. This is where choosing the right first project will save you. If I choose a project that will be built with mortise and tenons then I would add a mortising gauge to make my layout repeatable. 25 Simple and easy woodworking projects that won’t take an engineering degree or years of experience to accomplish. When I first started woodworking, I had a sawzall, a palm sander, and some random hand-tools someone gave me as a house-warming present. Woodworking projects for kids: woodworking with your children teaches basic skills for planning, measuring, and the use of basic carpentry tools.

my first woodworking project 2My first project. Furniture Plans and DIY Projects. I had rudimentary tools and skills when I first made my shop but years later and most of the way through a major kitchen remodel it has served me well. Not just nailing a few pieces of wood together and calling it a bench, but instead completely smooth, finished and polished piece of furniture. My first project arose out of a need for a new work table in my home office.

Here are Sean Michael Ragan’s favorite woodworking projects. My work has also appeared in ReadyMade, c’t Magazin fr Computertechnik, and The Wall Street Journal. DIY Farmhouse Dining Table my first woodworking project and Steel Wool stain for a natural aged look for wood. My first projects were custom-designed shelving in my living room, a white cedar log couch, and a dining room table. It needed a lot of work to turn it into a woodworking shop.

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my first woodworking project 3What Should My First Woodworking Project Be – Woodworking projects, plans, tips and ideas for every type of woodworker. Download the PDF plans today. In fact the last attempt I made at a woodworking project was a shoe shine box I made in sixth grade! But I have always enjoyed working with my hands on stuff so I thought I’d give it a try. For my first projects I am using wood from a stack of old wooden 2×2 stakes.

Top 10: Easy Woodworking Projects