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It was several times modified – now it is 100 efficiently working and so I decided to share my little knowledge for people who eventually are interested to rebuild it/or parts of it. Filled with Aquarium Granular Activated Carbon if you’re interested in all the components of the carbon filter, I made a detailed sketch of the construction set-up: see here also photograph of the filter and how it is positioned in the PC case: upper left corner. When i made my first pc grow box, i looked on youtube and all for a good video to show me how to clean it out wire it and all. Discussion in ‘Grow Room Design & Setup’ started by johny112, Apr 27, 2012. My Setup uses CFL bulbs, the one on the picture is a 85W 6500k bulb and I have another 125w 2700k bulb for flowering. This is the best PC grow case I’ve ever seen.

my pc grow box setup 2PC grow boxes are constructed from PC tower boxes, but inside, instead of hard drives, mother boards and graphics cards, they are kitted out, all ready for the stealthiest of indoor marijuana grows. Everything you need to set up straight away is included just add the plants! Hey everyone im a newbie grower and i plan on building my own pc grow box. i know i wont get much but thats ok with me. i understand much of the idea. Ive got me a case now got my lights in the post the case came with standard 120mm fans which look like they will do a job but im wanting to add a homemade filter ive got one of them cooker carbon filter sheets made by wenko which is half activated carbon the other half can be cut from it leaving me with about 5/7m of the carbon to play with so to get the right fan with enough cfm ive seen a few on the internet with about 90 and 110 cfm ive seen them delta’s with 200+ but they just sound like.

Our Stealth grow boxes come equipped with LED grow lights, hydroponics and Co2 systems. Grow Your Own! Still i have confusion about light setup,the best spot, vertical or horizontal, how many lamps! I can recall reading about the setup on another site a few years back and even went out and bought the required materials for assembling one of my own. The need for growing my own has come and gone.

Pc Grow Box

You can make your own beautiful homemade grow box for indoors and out easily, many times out of normally throw-away and recyclable materials. You can even install it high as a grow-cabinet. This is a pretty genius way to make your seedling grow box look like your PC tower. I started my work at the beginning of 2007 by engaging myself with detail reading and exchanging information with others. All you have to do is follow our easy instruction guide to set up the PC Grow Box, then you can pretty much grow whatever you want. The lights and hydroponics system are completely automated. Posts about secret PC grow box written by pcgrowbox. This setup keep fresh air coming into the case all the time, keeping your plants between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit at room temperature. How soon will my pc grow box be sent? Pcgrowbox. stealth pc grow box It is a stealth grow box that can grow any plant indoors. I can recall reading about the setup on another site a. Track my dog app 2 0. The PC grow box is the ultimate stealth grow box as it looks just like a PC, has lock and key for plant security and comes with more accessories than any other PC grow box on the market. All you have to do is follow our easy instruction guide to set up the PC Grow Box, then you can pretty much grow whatever you want. My Tweets. LED Grow Box Stealth 6 Site Hydroponic Cabinet With Carbon Filter. The Bubble Tub Hydroponic System is a professional 6 site hydroponic growing set up.

Pc Grow Box

To be honest, a gigantic PC case would be a lot less suspicious in my house than an extra dresser, not that I am terribly worried about hiding it from someone in particular, but I highly would prefer friends and family not stumbling upon a grow op when they are over and dealing with that. Maybe one of these days I will take video of my setup. As stated it works better in conjuntion with a CO2 supplementing setup, but I only run Oppenheimer’s setup, and if I time showers, laundry, and running the diswasher right I can keep my roooms co2 level at 1500ppm for most of the lights on cycle, for free. (Also known as a PC Grow Box, Computer Grow Box, or PC Growing Box.). I had a 50w hps in my rubbermaid before my ballast exploded. it doesnt get that hot in the box with it. I took a picture of the PC box setup to show you guys but I cannot post it here?

Sir, anong strain po ba yung mga pwede grow out sa ganitong box? i ordered my 1st seeds from the single seed centre. i have no experience at growing at all. Stealth Hydroponic PC Grow Box are very low profile it allows your plants to grow taller than standard stealth pc grow boxes that utilize CFL. Hey everyone im looking at making my self a cool stealth grow box out of a holes at the back to allow air in and a little computer. Really seen any start to finish guide for PC grows that show from box setup to. com.