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We scored a fantastic, vintage King Size teak platform bed recently at a local vintage store. My wife asked me what was up and I told that I was given the solution to our squeaky bed problem in a dream! I had dreamt about running a bar of soap along the rail on each side and center of the bed that suspends the slats that hold the mattress. A squeaky bed is one of life’s minor but cumulative annoyances. Search out and silence the squeaks to make slumber and other bed-centric leisure more enjoyable. I put small 1 square rubber caster cups under the posts of my bed. It fits perfectly, is strong as hell, and works great, but whenever a lady friend comes over it squeaks so loud each one of my five roommates will make a comment about it the next morning.

my platform bed squeaks 2Q: I want to replace my bed frame, which is currently one of those collapsible metal frames that requires a box spring. The bed’s all wood, the matresses rest on wooden slats. We have a cheap, fold-out futon platform that I put legs on, and I have to periodically go around and tighten up all the screws. My own creaky bed drives me crazy too! I have an Ikea platform bed with side tables and I do find it noisy. When I had problems with my bed creaking, it wasn’t the frame, but the box spring (probably because my friend and I destroyed it by having a jump on the bed party one day).

My plan to solve this new IKEA Platform Bed problem was to simply cut some 2×4’s and attempt to provide some extra support to the Beam taking pressure off of the simple one bolt attachment at each end. How sturdy should a platform bed be to support a mattress? These will squeak and sag in numerous ways, making for a very unpleasant night’s sleep. A few slats are flat or bow down (dipping) when my husband is on the mattress and the rest bow slightly up. My bed frame is rather squeaky, unfortunately for myself it makes anything that I would like to be a little more private less so. If your place is rodent and insect infested to the extent that you need a raised platform to sleep on, the bed isn’t your largest issue.

What Makes A Quality Platform Bed? Good Questions

my platform bed squeaks 3I have a mahogany wood platform bed frame where the mattress sits on top of three slats which rest inside of the bed frame. Any suggestions on how to unsqueak my bed? Many Americans also use platform beds without box springs and are perfectly happy with this setup. How can I make my bed non-box-spring frame stop squeaking? Agree with tylerkaraszewski on the platform bed. Ours is quiet as a mouse, even when we are not!posted by futureisunwritten at 2:39 PM on January 28, 2014. How to Fix a Squeaky Wooden Bed Frame. Weather causes wood to swell, resulting in squeaks that were not there before a change in the weather. Dealing with a noisy wooden bed frame is frustrating when the squeak awakens you from a sound sleep. Because they do not require a box spring, platform beds are more economical and eliminate problems such as squeaky springs. Platform beds can be purchased at various retail stores, specialty bed stores, and online at various websites like the auction site, eBay. In this case, it is crucial for a platform bed to be solid and completely flat or the warranty will be void. For platform beds that offer slat supports, customers can purchased a thin box spring known as a bunkie board to use in place of a typical box spring. But basically I want to know, will the bed hold my fat ass and an occasional slumber party buddy?. Yes my leirvik bed makes a lot of noise too, it squeaks just gettin on it or turning on the bed.

Ikea Bed & Lillaker Bed Slats: Creaking Noise

PedicSolutions Platform Queen Bed Frame. I use it with my box spring and mattress so my bed looks very regal at waist height, though you DO NOT NEED A BOX SPRING. The box-spring on my bed broke, causing sagging and creaking. (Re)Building a bed foundation. I’d like to hear how your platform (is this more accurate?) was constructed. Maybe you need to buy a sturder wooden frame? they tend to squeak less. My only concern is that the slats are very narrow and our mattress is very heavy. Read More. Sara S.

Bed looks nice and doesn’t take over my room. I thought it would be a little higher off the ground for storage but it’s not big enough to fit a thin tote under. There is no squeaking or creaking and the bed frame feels very solid! With our king size mattress measurements it fits just right. I have always had a platform bed (one that uses slats) and we can be rather enthusiastic I personally find box springs puzzlingthe only issue we have had is if the bedframe loosens so the slats don’t fit properly. I’m 260ish and my boy is only 170, and we’ve broken wood slats on two occasion. We’ve had it about six years, through three moves, and it doesn’t even squeak. I put a 6 inch memory foam mattress on it and the first night it was slept on it was 2 adults and 2 dogs and everything seemed just fine and we couldn’t feel the boards and the bed didn’t creak or sound like we were gonna break it at all. Once I put my queen mattress on I found it to be a great bed.