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Where to Buy My Closet Staples. This is a list of my closet staples that I am frequently asked about with updated links for where you can find the items. 10 Wardrobe Staples You Won’t Regret Splurging On (a Little). I have been dressing myself for many years now, and the best advice I have ever gotten regarding my wardrobe is this: invest your money in chic basics, and you will always have something to wear. I’ve been working on this post for a while. Not only is this one of my most requested posts and emailed questions, it’s something I’ve personally been working on.

my wardrobe staples 23 Wardrobe Staples To Dress You For A Day of All Seasons! I like it when I can roll the sleeves up creating a ‘spring’ rather than winter feel to my outfit. One of my biggest struggles when it comes to building my wardrobe is figuring out what are actual investment pieces for me. There have been a lot of times when I ve found a new top or sparkly necklace that I, unexpectedly, fall in love with. On easter sunday, it was chilly and rainy! so to dress and layer appropriately, i grabbed two main spring staples in my closet – nude wedge pumps and a trenchcoat!!.

When I started blogging I had a complete misunderstanding of how to make my closet work for me. I would stand staring blankly at my (stuffed to the gills) closet every morning, with hangers & hangers of clothes that I just had to have, but again & again failed to put together any outfits I was crazy about. I was inspired by this post to show you some of my current wardrobe staples, but I wanted to stick to my casual items. I always keep things pretty casual, I love sneakers and sweaters and jeans but I always try to spice them up with accessories. In an attempt to get dressed more effortlessly and shifting my focus from fashion to other (more important) matters, I wanted to show you my current wardrobe staples.

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Lately I’ve been focusing on filling my wardrobe with closet staples. Pieces that are timeless, versatile and interchangeable with the seasons. I am sick of having loss of random bits of shit that I don’t wear in my wardrobe, I’m in the middle of dieting and for the first time ever I actually. Wardrobe Staples is a subscription based service that takes away the hassle of replacing your dirty, old clothes by sending you a package with clothing essentials such as t-shirts, underwear, and socks at every month! Whether you’re just starting your wardrobe, figuring out your wardrobe or have a completed wardrobe; anyone could use a new, quality T-shirt or underwear every now and then. Wardrobe staples are the building blocks of any woman’s wardrobe. I’ve compiled my list of 12 wardrobe staples that I think everyone should own!. Here I am with some of my most basic wardrobe staples. These are often my go-to items, and things that are essential in my closet. Fall is coming and I can’t be more excited, I wish it could be fall all year round! Some of my wardrobe staples include: simple tees, oversized shirts, a striped tee, denim jacket, and distressed jeans.

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