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HRP researchers and engineers are studying bed rest as an experimental analog for space flight because extended exposure to a head-down tilt position can duplicate many of the effects of a low-gravity environment. The fake story of the week on facebook goes to NASA Will Pay You 18000 Usd To Stay In Bed And Smoke Weed For 70 Straight Days. NASA is currently looking for people who are willing to lie in a special bed, tilted head-down at a six-degree angle, for 70 days..straight. Selected participants will be paid 1,200 per week for 15 weeks: a total of 18,000.

nasa bed 2NASA is currently looking for volunteers to participate in their ‘Rest Studies. Participants will spend 70 straight days in bed smoking cannabis. The NASA bed rest study is a dream come true for many pot smokers. Not many people are able to stay stoned and in bed for 70 days. Read NASA Will Pay You 18000 To Smoke Weed In Bed? now. The group that doesn’t do any exercise after an initial period of activity, spends 70 days lying in bed, head down, only doing the sorts of things you can do in bed in that position by yourself.

Have you ever thought of making thousands of dollars lying in bed? Well, If you had thought about it your wish is about to get true. NASA has started its NASA Bed Rest Study and recruiting indivi. If you just can’t get out of bed, NASA might have a mission for you. A NASA study is recruiting volunteers to to lie in a bed that is tilted downward at a 6 degree angle for 70 days. 2 months without sex or jacking it, while lying in a bed all day with nothing else to really do a lot of the time? Now that is just cruel.

Is Nasa Paying People To Lay In Bed And Smoke Weed?

The article is about NASA’s ‘Rest Studies’ that requires volunteers who can stay in bed for 70 days straight and smoke weed. Ever dreamed of helping take one giant step for man from the comfort of your bed? You could be in luck, as NASA is willing to shell out five grand a month to allow a few fortunate loafers to live out their dream all for the sake of science. NASA will pay you US18000 to stay in bed for 70 straight days. Used by NASA to help astronauts sleep in space, this is the light bulb that encourages production of melatoninthe hormone that promotes sleep.

Earn Lying In Bed In Nasa Bed Rest Study