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BedroomWorld is a UK based bed store selling a wide range of beds and bedroom furniture including divan beds, bedsteads, bed frame beds, bunk beds, guest beds, children s beds and more. Sofa beds will work as a sofa during the day or a bed at night. The UK’s leading day bed store selling a huge range of day beds at great prices. Choose one of these day bed styles to add a touch elegance to any room. 10 of the best day beds. Previous. Image 1 of 10. Next.

next day beds 2Designers Jean-Louis Deniot and Mary McDonald consider the many virtues of this perennial classic. What should I know about furniture and mattress delivery? Close window. Day beds are extremely versatile. Their plush, soft cushions support you during the day, relieving physical stress so you can kick back with a book or watch TV in comfort.

10 Best Daybeds

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