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The Open Rack is the first rack standard that’s designed for data centers, integrating the rack into the data center infrastructure, part of the Open Compute Project’s grid to gates philosophy, a holistic design process that considers the interdependence of everything from the power grid to the gates in the chips on each motherboard. IRC Channed: ocp-openrack on irc.freenode.net. Standards. A rack developed by any supplier that is certified as OCP compliant provides a consistent interface between for the IT gear it supports. Utilizing an innovative utilitarian approach, the Open Rack is a breakthrough rack standard designed specifically as a data center solution for OCP. The rack is designed to maximize both efficiency and density for all of the user’s equipment, ensuring that components achieve a maximum lifespan.

ocp rack specification 2The Open Rack standard, as its name suggests, focuses on the datacenter rack itself and on the way it is designed and its nodes organized and configured. More specifically, Google will contribute a new rack specification that includes 48V power distribution and a new form factor to allow OCP racks to fit into our data centers. The Open Compute (OCP) Server Rack combines three traditional server racks into one triple wide rack system (triplet track). The OCP server rack is an ideal solution for extreme equipment densities with a rolling weight capacity of 4,500lbs.

The company said it will contribute a spec for a data center rack with 48V power distribution and a new form factor that will enable OCP racks to fit into Google data centers. AMAX is the official OCP solutions provider of Facebook, building data centers based off revolutionary Open Compute Project technology. When it comes to our SMART OCP Solutions, advantages over legacy hardware include unprecedented agility to quickly reconfigure hardware resources for changing application needs, and an inherently cost-efficient, open rack design that circumvents operational maintenance and vendor lock-in overhead. The rollout today of the Open Rack standard proposed by the OCP is just one in what will no doubt be a lot of standards that are re-thought in the next several years by companies building hyperscale data centers.

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The Open Bridge Rack easily converts between EIA and OCP standards without the need for specialized tools or equipment. Power systems can also be easily assembled to your needs. The standard rack takes equipment with a 19in-wide front plate, and has vertically spaced mounting points located 44. OCP standards to be plugged directly into any vendor’s Open Rack implementation. Bloomberg Open Adaptive Rack (BOAR) Seamlessly Integrates with Existing Bloomberg LLP Data Centers, Meets OCP Specifications to Reduce Energy Consumption, Cost. The OCP’s current rack design is too deep for the narrow aisles in Google’s data centers, Holzle said, so Google’s specification calls for a rack that’s a bit shallower. Google’s specification covers a 48V rack power distribution unit and a new form factor designed to accommodate OCP racks in its data centers.

Google Contributes 48v Dc Data Center Rack To Open Compute