Odd Shaped Closet Design Sample Plans PDF

Great use of space for an oddly shaped closet don’t you think? Even oddly angled wall spaces can be used to design closets instead if just letting the space go waste. The closet in this picture is a great L-shaped arrangement of hanger space and drawers so that clothes and accessories can be placed within easy reach. Create, transform and refresh your closet with EasyClosets organization solutions! SELECT YOUR CLOSET SHAPE:.

odd shaped closet design 2Elfa Closet System s – Even my husband is sold! So when I suggested Elfa to create a system for his odd shaped walk in closet, I must tell you he was hesitant. Design tips specific to the room you are creating and the space that you want to maximize. A: I would recommend going to ClosetMaid.com and using the online design tool.

When working with an odd-shaped closet, it’s best to get creative and try different storage techniques in order to maximize space and create order. These i. Some homes have complex odd shaped closets that require a bit more attention to detail when designing. Here are closet design tips from our walk-in closet remodel. Organizing your closet can be a challenge made even harder if your closet is an attic or unusually shaped space.

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odd shaped closet design 3Closets are as varied as people themselves, I think. Or items that are oddly shaped and hard to store. Custom Closet Organizers built by Closet America are the perfect solution for any space in your home, from the garage to the master bedroom suite. Because the components come only in standard sizes, they can be difficult to fit in odd-shaped spaces. We design large walk-in closet systems complete with islands, as well as basic systems for smaller closets. Small odd shaped closets must be the question of the month, I just wrote someone else about this:) I love that you are looking at ways to maximize the space, I think most people would simply shove stuff into the closets and hope for the best. I’d suggest taking the closet measurements and designing a closet. Has anyone used any of those closet design companies to rework and organize a closet? They seem like they’d be worthwhile, but likely kind of expensive. We have an odd-shaped closet, and he was really creative about how to maximize the space. Here is just a sampling of the kinds of closets we design:. Odd-Shaped Closets: Maybe you have a historic home, or your closet was an after-thought add-on. Affordable closet design for even your smallest reach-in closets. bedrooms, hallways, entryways and more. Many people worry that their small closet is too much of an odd shape to have customized, but we are able to outfit any shape or size closet with no problem! Let us help you reach into your reach-in closet easier!.

How To Organize An Odd Shaped Closet?

Just picked up and moved into a new place so it is time to start doing some projects here and there.. 58 inch back wall and 29 inch side wall in a. The design tool says I will need to cut some of my own sections when I receive my product. Where are the instructions for my design? I have an odd shaped closet. Do you have the problem of have odd-shaped closets in your home? Here are some tips on making the most of every inch, even in an odd-shaped closet:. No matter if you want your dream walk in closet or just organize your clothes on a budget – read this. A little over a year ago, my wife and I moved to a new home built in 1916, and the rooms often have tiny or sometimes oddly shaped closets.