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You can still sign up and create, release and access Vagrant boxes. This is the same functionality that existed previously. This article on how to create a CentOS 7 vagrant base box, an image file that is used by Vagrant for running Operating System from scratch using virtualbox. We’ll download it from the VirtualBox Official Download Page using our web browser or we can use wget using terminal. Tutorial for building a CentOS 6 base box for Vagrant.

official centos vagrant box 2Centos. 32-bit 64-bit Edit this page About Docs VMware Boxes Support Book A Project. Where HashiCorp’s Atlas External Vagrant Box Images Actually Hosted. CentOS developer who loves Belgian beer, most things computers with a borderline addiction to rpm.

The same Arch Linux x86_64 base box can also be obtained via Vagrant Cloud by running: vagrant init terrywang/archlinux. Vagrant Cloud is HashiCorp’s official site for Vagrant boxes. Distributions included: Ubuntu Server, Debian, CentOS, Fedora and FreeBSD. And if you are running RHEL or CentOS, look at my Copr repository that contains a vagrant1 software collection. The first part is to understant what Vagrant boxes and Vagrantfiles are. First, let us add and create a Vagrant box from the official site. To do that go to the Vagrant Cloud page, and click the link Discover Boxes. In my case, I am going to deploy CentOS 6.5 box for Oracle VirtualBox. To do that, enter the following command:.


I am testing locally using Vagrant, currently using the Precise32 box. You will find many CentOS base boxes here, and the official AMIs are listed here. Vagrant is a great tool for development, but Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) customers have typically been left out, because it has been impossible to get RHEL boxes! It would be extremely elegant. This directory supports common OS families and versions that have high commonality, and this includes Fedora 20, Fedora 21, CentOS 7.0, and RHEL 7.0. I failed to create ext4 partition on vdb. official redhat image worked though.