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SALE Vintage Indian Stackable Tin Lunch Box Food Carrier Tiffin Box 4-tier. If you had to choose one, and ONLY one favorite lunch box, which one would it be?. Lunch Box Thermos Antique & Collectable: Looking for Lunch boxes and lunch pails have been used to carry lunches to school or work since the nineteenth century.

old fashioned lunch box with thermos 2This highly collectible lunch box is one of the few officially licensed Star Trek products that were sold during the show’s initial run. See more about Lunch Boxes, Vintage Lunch Boxes and Lunches. Scooby-DooTM Mystery Machine Soft Lunch Box by Thermos.

View Stock Photo of Vintage Lunch Box And Thermos. Find premium, high-resolution photos at Getty Images. Back to School: 10 Vintage Lunch Boxes We Covet Intensely. There is a wire bail inside for a thermos bottle to fit into the domed lid. The exterior of the lunch box is silver, and is in the old-fashioned workman style.

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Thermos, I think, was the last company that sold a metal lunch box. Their last one was a 1985 steel lunch box with a Rambo design, which is big with collectors. Take it to work, fly-fishing, concerts, everywhere. Our retro lunch box combo from Stanley; features an insulated lunch box of recycled plastic and a stainless steel vacuum bottle that keeps liquids hot or cold for 24 hours.

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