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Old metal file cabinet makeover with picture frames, label holders and paint. Houzz.com – File Cabinet Ideas design ideas and photos. The HOWTO for my repurposed old file cabinet that was transformed into a garage storage favorite for tools, etc.

old filing cabinet ideas 2File cabinet (1) Chalkboard Paint Ideas: LiveLoveDIY. A utilitarian fireproof file cabinet is a must to keep your important documents safe and in order. You can take an old cabinet (or a new-to-you one from a flea market or thrift store) and tailor it to suit your home office with a fresh coat of paint, wallpaper or patterned vinyl. Give it a try and see how you can DIY your way to a new file style. Transform your old filing cabinet into a garage tool storage bin.

Take your old filing cabinet from functional to fun with these upcycling ideas. Was being more organized one of your New Year’s resolutions? I wasn’t really bursting with ideas on what to do instead, so I took a few days off from my file cabinet makeover. When it comes time to refurbish an old metal filing cabinet, it is a good idea to start by cleaning up the cabinet’s exterior and pulling out the contents. Use a mild detergent, clean water, and a sponge to clean off any dust and spills from the surface.

15 Fabulous Filing Cabinet Makeovers

old filing cabinet ideas 3Old vertical filing cabinet turned on its side, with casters, as media console. File-Cabinet-Makeover-using-DIY-chalk-paint and a platform with wheels for more move-ability!. Haoren Polished.: Glider Makeover This DIY tutorial is very easy and a great way to reuse an old Glider. Mine is still clean so I would love a washable slip cover, but what a great idea!! I love it!!. First, I removed the handles and locks from the file cabinets. I don’t have old cabinets but I love the idea of changing even new cabinets to look beautiful and even a little vintage! Thank you Sarah for your ingenuity and creative idea. A chalk painted stencilled filing cabinet: a great way to take an old or boring filing cabinet to a whole new level using Country Chic Chalk Paint and a Martha Stewart Crafts Stencil. Are you no longer in need of that old filing cabinet? Don’t toss it, instead repurpose it into something more useful: Repurposed filing cabinets!. DIY-ify: Repurposed filing cabinets.

Dust Off An Old Filing Cabinet And Turn It Into Something New