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Here are 21 examples of DIY ladder bookshelves that we found inspiring. This ladder shelf uses both sides of an old ladder, with wood pieces added over the rungs. While most DIY ladder shelves are made of wood, this concept is a nice change of pace, combining metal ladders with wooden planks. Ladder shelves and display units do precisely that! While some stylish ladder bookshelves and storage units fit in perfectly with the modern theme, you can even turn some of the old step ladders into lovely DIY shelves. I love the ladder shoe rack idea so much I went out today to the antique shop in town and found the perfect four step ladder for 7.

old ladder shelf 2So, I hauled the old ladder home (and received funny looks along the way because it was hanging several feet out the back of my car. Line up your pencil lines on the shelf to your ladder step. Shop outside the big box, with unique items for ladder shelf from thousands of independent designers and vintage collectors on Etsy. Old Ladder, Vintage Ladder, Decorative Ladder, Wood Ladder, Wood Shelf, Ladder Decor, Wood Decor, Rustic Decor, Western Decor, Country Decor. Ladder Shelf: Here a wooden painter’s ladder is attached to the wall to create a cool shelf. Ladder Shelf: All you need is an old ladder and some boards to make this cool shelf.

Assemble a custom tiered storage unit. Modify the height and width to vary your shelf space. A ladder bookshelf provides the perfect storage solution for an old home. Reuse and Recycle your old ladder by giving it a use other than stepping from it to reach high things and places. Place the shelf brackets onto the other side of the ladder where you will attach the extra piece of wood. Repurpose an old ladder into a shabby-chic shelf for any room in the house. From the experts at DIYNetwork.com.

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antique ladder shelf 3Here we have gathered some ideas to help you discover creative and clever new ways to reuse and repurpose your old ladders. They are easy to repurpose with these 38 ideas, and will add a rustic touch to your. I found this amazing, dingy old ladder in the trash around the same time I discovered half-price bookstores. Vintage ladders have SO many great uses, from pot racks, to towel holders, bath caddys, shoe storage and more! I found so many amazing and creative uses for these old ladders and so today, wanted to share some of my favorites with you!. Book Shelf. However, if you happen to have an old ladder in your garage or tool shed, then your shelf problem is solved. Turn your old ladder into something useful and to learn how, just look at our top 10 DIY. We can make use of old rustic ladder as DIY ladder shelf in countless and unusual interior storage ways. We can store kitchenware and utensils and can have. Antique Ladder Shelving – Create shelving out of an old antique ladder with this easy tutorial! Click for details at LoveGrowsWild.

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