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Youngstown Kitchens New Old Stock White Upper Cabinet 1950’s. Description:5 vintage metal cabinets, Two have labels that read youngstown Kitchens. Find great deals on eBay for Metal Kitchen Cabinets in Antique Cabinets and Cupboards From the Early 1900's. Vintage Kitchen Cabinets – Your choice of 10 – Metal Kitchen Cabinet – complete. Q. My metal kitchen cabinets are from the 1950s or earlier. I would like to paint them since I cannot afford to replace them. Q. We have Youngstown 1950’s to 1960’s vintage cabinets. They have been repainted with an enamel paint and the paint has adhered well but need refreshed again (white).

old metal kitchen cabinets value 2Inspiration for a renovation of a kitchen with the original metal cabinets. We are remodeling my grandmothers 1959 home and we have the original 1959 GE (still has the GE metal emblem on them)kitchen cabinets. This post is for everyone who is interested in metal kitchen cabinets (selling or buying). Com/ which is a site devoted to vintage kitchens and has a forum dedicated to helping people sell and buy vintage metal cabinets.

Crossley steel kitchen cabinets- full set for sale. Youngstown kitchen cabinets for sale Vintage 1950’s Youngstown Steel Kitchen Cabinet. Q: I’m living in a 50s era home with a 70s era kitchen. The current kitchen cabinets are falling apart around me, and intriguingly, the original steel Youngstown cabinets are in the basement and are in solid condition. Our very outdated kitchen is in need of a face lift and one of the big projects we have to tackle is painting the 50s metal cabinets. Metal cabinets are valued by those going for a retro look – they actually sell pretty well in big cities if in good shape. Otherwise, if not trying to maintain value, check do it yourself sites on painting metal cabinets if you are up to it.

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old metal kitchen cabinets value 3VINTAGE METAL GENEVA KITCHEN CABINETS. They went for below market value as we sold them to someone local who just needed cabinets, period. Built in 1916 the kitchen was remodel in the 1940’s. I want to keep the old look. That means keeping the Youngstown metal cabinets even though I desperately need to enlarge the kitchen. I am checking Craigslist all the time for anything retro to purchase or flip. Every once in a while I see old metal kitchen cabinets from a renovation that are being given away for free of thrown o. Refinishing, cleaning, their value, etc. I hesitated, but spray painted it (Rustoleum) to fit in with the kitchen. Old Metal Kitchen Cabinets Value. Vintage Metal Cupboard. Old Metal Kitchen Cabinets Value Of steel kitchen cabinets. vintage st. charles kitchen cabinets. The essentials oven metal kitchen cabinets old value place fridge sink manufacturing want dishwashers shifted to least lady modify, giving going next much can?

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Vintage metal kitchen cabinets are available in a wide array of shades and colors. Aside from being favored due to their aesthetic value, metal kitchen cabinets provide a high level of durability that everyone should look for in kitchen cabinets. I really love my vintage St. Charles cabinets (I have 27) but some of the closures. I hear that they are of value if in good shape. Can place insert the cabinets first youngstown metal kitchen cabinets value of old Surprise, focus helped looking store 1.