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Members earn 100 Dining Points per reservation initiated on and honored, unless otherwise stated. Expiring points will not affect pending dining check redemption mailings (i.e. if a member already redeemed points and has a dining check in process it will still be mailed). OpenTable Dining Points expire after 12 months of account inactivity. Please see the OpenTable Dining Rewards Terms and Conditions for. Additionally, for security purposes Dining Cheques are mailed in plain, white envelopes. Please check your mail carefully to ensure yours isn’t accidentally discarded. Please note that OpenTable Dining Cheques expire 180 days after date of issue.

opentable dining points expire 2Instead you can opt for either an OpenTable Dining Rewards Gift, a program we are actively expanding, or an Amazon Gift Card to redeem your points. When you redeem your OpenTable points you will receive an email (it takes about an hour). Just tried redeeming a 20 check before it expired. Opentable secrets to make your experience more rewarding. 2000 points can be redeemed for a 20 gift certificate for dining at any restaurant listed on Opentable. The certificates expire one year from date of issue. The Reservation Might Be For One, But You’re Not Alone When It Comes To Dining Solo.

Redeeming dining points earned online on OpenTable requires snail mail and paper checks. Why don’t they fix that? You must use it within six months, or it expires. Since the OpenTable computer system provides real-time information about available tables at restaurants, we wondered, why can’t it also provide real-time rewards information to the restaurants that could be accessed at check out? That would allow customers to redeem their rewards without having to keep track of yet another piece of paper. You can redeem Dining Reward Points for OpenTable Dining Cheques which can be used at any OpenTable restaurant nationwide. I had my dining points expire (my balance was just a few hundred, not enough to redeem), but after an e-mail inquiry from me they kindly reinstated them. In the (for the diner) best scenario, a 100 dine can yield 10 worth of OT points, around 8 worth of airline miles and 2 worth of charge card points.

Opentable Is About To Devalue: Redeem Your Points Now

opentable dining points expire 3For example, you can redeem 2,000 OpenTable points for a 20 OpenTable Dining Check that doesn’t expire if it was issued after 7/1/14. When did you change so points expire? Why don’t you email folks? Want my points back! Fail. According to their website, points expire on accounts that have been inactive for a year, so if you’ve been using OpenTable with any regularity, your points should be safe. As for myself, I often use OpenTable when dining before a show or other event downtown, since I can easily see what restaurants are available at the time I need, but I’ve found that most of the restaurants that I regularly eat at don’t use it. As long as you keep using it, the points won’t expire. With 12 months of inactivity, it will be wiped out. OpenTable reservations that do not originate on may not be eligible for Dining Point awards. You can redeem Open Table points for dining checks once you have accumulated 2,000 points.

Why Does Opentable Send Paper Checks For Points Redemption?

Everyone likes to get something back. As a Rare Rewards member, you get to do just that. Simply present your card each time you dine with us and earn rewards points. For every dollar spent, you will receive a rewards point. I like it better than the other local alternative, Hy-Vee’s, because with Kroger you get a point for every dollar, plus some bonuses here and there (2x and 4x points for gift cards is awesome!), whereas with Hy-Vee you only get fuel points on the items they are pushing right now, so if I would rather have real OJ rather than Tampico, well, no points for fuel point for me then. Do those points expire at all? Open Table – especially good for the restaurants offering 1,000 pts/dine. When you make a reservation via OpenTable, you get 100 Dining points; some reservations, usually for slow periods, are eligible for 1,000 Dining points. I don t think there is a catch either, but I honestly have not been able to get up to 1000 points before they expire since OpenTable restaurants are usually pretty high end. Before the change I could redeem a dining check at any OpenTable restaurant.

Since our inception in 1998, we have seated over 575 million diners through OpenTable reservations, and during the three months ended December 31, 2013, we seated an average of approximately 14. As is typical with points-based incentive programs, many Dining Points expire unused.